LynKey: An Ecosystem That Offers Digital Asset Solutions For Holiday Properties

LynKey: An Ecosystem That Offers Digital Asset Solutions For Holiday Properties

Digital Asset Solutions : Non-Fungible Token (or NFT) is built on a programming spectrum that is similar to cryptocurrency. However, it is an intangible asset that can not be interchanged or traded for. So, while you can trade your BTC or ETH over the exchanges, NFTs are the assets that can not be replaced. It represents something that is ‘real’ in its existence but is digitally created and valued. Nevertheless, this kind of asset can be sold over a secondary marketplace over an auction.

Digital Asset Solutions

Digital Asset Solutions

Timeshare, on the other hand, is the arrangement where several owners share a vacation property according to the fraction they can pay for. In other words, if you are involved in a timeshare scheme, you will enjoy the right to use that share of the property you have bought as a holiday home.

LynKey provides time-sharing solutions to Vietnam’s economy by introducing a marketplace that can help you utilize your vacation property. The real estate is given the power of an NFT asset to use the blockchain’s security network and provide a world-class luxurious holiday experience to the stakeholders.

Creating a timesharing opportunity to capitalize on the desperation of the vacation industry post-pandemic crisis

COVID-19 pandemic created a worldwide situation of crisis, giving the travel and tourism industry the hardest blow anyone could ever expect. Though the timeshare concept has been there for quite some time, crypto travel is still in its infancy. Blockchain is providing the solutions for money, health, travel, and almost everything at such a fast pace, that timesharing is also guaranteed to witness evolution.

LynKey is the community created to tokenize premium holiday properties at selected sites in Vietnam and South-East Asia. The ecosystem links global audiences to tourism and property technology using smart contracts and NFTs. The rewards and loyalty benefits are digitized in the form of tokens. Moreover, the power of blockchain can help you plan your vacation in the most transparent and reliable manner possible.

Merging NFTs with timesharing bestows you with the following advantages:

  • First access opportunity to buy and license experiences at premium holiday properties- LynK tokens are managed peer-to-peer, with rights to be sold, transferred, or traded over the ecosystem’s marketplace.
  • Excellent staking and yield farming rates Further, you could also collateralize by lending LynK tokens and asset shares, and earn excellent margin licensing rates.
  • VIP treatments at all LynKey resorts LynK token holders would be able to swap the days, the incentive points, and the location (of other resorts) later among themselves, on the marketplace, or within the LynKey ecosystem.
  • Play-to-earn: major proportion of token revenue in the ecosystem is given back to the holders.

You would easily be able to make a connection with these if you are well versed with the blockchain’s terminologies. For the beginners as well, LynKey would evolve to reap the fruits with your advancing knowledge.

NFTs and Timeshare collaboration promise bold new future.

It is quite evident that the timeshare market is not going to upgrade overnight. Gradual beginnings are going to make a long-term impact on the real estate, travel, and tourism industry in various ways one could not have predicted earlier. LynKey is a prospective venture to invest your hard-earned crypto to enjoy a much-deserved luxurious holiday experience in nature’s own place.

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