LynKey: Revolutionizing Vietnam Tourism with Blockchain Ingression

The tourism industry is witnessing an increased influx of traffic over the past few years. In 2020, the contribution of global tourism to GDP was around $4.7 trillion.  However, it suffered a serious hindrance with the uprising of the COVID-19 pandemic, which started spreading its impact in early 2020 across various sectors of commerce.

Lynkey, Lynk, Property, Smart tourism, Timeshare, Blockchain, EverlandAccording to experts, however, the situation is likely to see light with the introduction of vaccines. While the tourism industry is considered to be one of the top-grossing, it is infiltrated with the inefficiency of the involvement of third parties and intermediaries. Flight bookings, hotel and accommodation, restaurants and cuisines, local transfers, lodging, and leisure- all of them, generally, involve agents and middlemen for pre-bookings.

Over the past decade, blockchain has innovatively penetrated almost every vertical of our lifestyles. One of the major benefits of introducing blockchain in tourism has been the elimination of these third parties entirely. LynKey is one such blockchain-powered global platform that connects the top-tier property with tourism using smart contracts.

LynKey- Tourism on blockchain

LynKey’s blockchain introduction to travel and tourism would revolutionize real estate by tokenization to provide ample opportunities for investors to liquidate. The project strategizes to tokenize more than $2 billion in property to make luxurious tourism accessible to all. It is a utility framework interface over the blockchain to book, purchase or rent a property with a time-sharing facility. So, you could manage your retreats, lodgings, and occasions with utmost ease!

LynK token is a fairly flexible tool that would grant you equity participation in LynKey’s real estate fund. Further, all the deals are strengthened by the power of smart contracts to make them more secure and reliable. These tokens can also be traded over crypto exchanges.

Decentralized Finance (or DeFi) solutions are also available for investors. The digital shares can be collateralized to earn marginal loans. The fractionated world-class assets can also be staked into the lending pool to earn profits in the form of interests. The global reach of the projects improved operational efficiency, and better secondary market opportunities make this real estate market more liquid than the conventional one.

Additionally, the platform marketplace also crafts a habitable niche for the NFTs (Non- Fungible Tokens). LynKey operates in an all-in-one ecosystem for providing the world’s best tourism services. What more? The world’s best hoteliers- Wyndham (in the USA) and Centara (in Thailand) are the collaborators for providing world-class hospitality and a luxurious holiday experience.

The inherent immutability and security of blockchain provide LynKey with exciting avenues to amalgamate the real estate and tourism markets. Here we are listing some of the unmatched merits of the LynKey privileges

Property tech ownership

The project offers fractional ownership for luxury resorts and tourism. Anyone with even a small share of the budget can invest, earning profits in the form of passive income. Further, these can be subject to easy liquidation with marginal lending and yield farming.

Utility token and NFTs

The ecosystem offers the issue of limited tokens (1,000,000,000) that can be utilized to convert between the shares, spend on tourism services, and participate in the liquidity pool. The token price is market-driven and can be played to earn. In other words, token holders can receive up to 90% of the gas fee back to their wallet.

Smart tourism reward system

High-profile treatment at LynKey resorts, transparent and easy flight bookings, smooth Visa processing, uninterrupted and secured transfers, safe and comfortable lodging, access to hygienic and delicious local and international cuisines, and exciting leisure and adventure activities are some of the benefits. Further, an unmatched loyalty and reward system makes it even more lucrative.


A unique platform, LynKey is unique in its way to optimize the tourism industry by using smart contracts over the blockchain network. Though blockchain has had meandered through the realms of the tourism industry even before, LynKey’s distinguishing features make it rewarding in almost every way possible. The disruptive way is going to revolutionize the tourism industry and will lay the foundations for the framework of future travel. For more information about LynKey, visit (website)

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