London Conference to Highlight “Present and Future of Blockchain and AI”

London Conference to Highlight “Present and Future of Blockchain and AI”

Top global experts will convene at the “Present and Future of Blockchain and AI” event in London on 17 October to share their vision on how these emerging technologies are changing and disrupting the economy. ztudium, a London-based technology consultancy specializing in blockchain projects and media publishing, is hosting the event in partnership with Keybox and Cocoon Networks.

Blockchain and AI technology have already influenced the financial, healthcare, cybersecurity, logistics and retail sectors, among others. With the boom in cryptocurrency and the global reach of these technologies, governments, businesses and individuals are seeking to understand more about challenges and opportunities brought by blockchain and AI.

“The fundamental question is not how to wisely deploy these technologies, but how they can solve daily and fundamental problems, such as in workflow automation and improved well-being, and how they will unfold in novel business solutions to be impactful, useful, and beneficial to the world,” said ztudium CEO Dinis Guarda about the event.

Keybox CEO David White added, ”We are delighted to partner with ztudium on this prestigious event. Like us, Dinis and his team have been at the forefront of the Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies such as AI, blockchain, cyber robotics and IoT. These seminars are an ideal way to celebrate the technology sector and to share knowledge with the entire ecosystem.”

The upcoming event will address how transformational technologies are reshaping the world and how this will affect many sectors in the present and near future. Throughout this event, experts will gather at the Cocoon Networks headquarters to share their insights about the shape of the technological future for various industries.

The speakers include Nicola Horlick, CEO of Money&Co, who has more than 20 years of fund management experience and is responsible for leading the development of some of the UK’s best known fund management companies; Eric Van der Kleij, Chairman of Keybox and CEO of the Centre for Digital Revolution (C4DR); Henrique Corrêa da Silva, intelligence officer and whitehat hacker, as well as co-founder and CEO of Swiss-based Privus and Maltese based; Dinis Guarda, СЕО and founder of Ztudium, creator of blocksdna, influencedna and intelligenthq;  Dr. Philipp Kallerhoff, Founder of Protos Asset Management, Lecturer at the University of Zurich; Erik Koster, CEO at Global Screen B.V, technology expert and entrepreneur; and Dee Hussain, founder and creative director behind the Baba Jaan’s brand.

Henrique Corrêa da Silva, CEO and founder of, a cybersecurity platform and P2P blockchain P2P network, noted that, “Blockchain blessed the world with the revolutionary idea of trustless trust. No longer is humankind forced to blindly trust people or institutions. With blockchain one needs only trust the universal laws of physics, namely mathematics, enabling perfect strangers to cooperate seamlessly from across the globe.”

The ‘Present and Future of Blockchain + AI’ is an evening event (18:00-22:00) taking place at the Cocoon Network headquarters on October 17. Registration is now open.  Click here for more information. The number of places is limited.

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