Influence and Express Yourself With Flowers With Some Digital Help

Influence and Express Yourself With Flowers With Some Digital Help

Say it with flowers… When you choose to send flowers with a site like you might think that you are sending a message of love, friendship or maybe a thank you. But the fact is that you can influence and say so much more with your floral delivery. Flowers possess color, scent and shape, all features that can have an emotional effect on the receiver. This is something you should think about before you pick out a bouquet to send to a spouse, friend or new acquaintance.

The Psychology of Colors

Let’s start by looking a little bit at color psychology, which will obviously come into play when you send colorful flowers. Studies have shown that colors can influence our psyche and change how we feel and behave. Blue is known to have a soothing effect, so much so that using blue street lights can reduce the crime rate in the area. Orange is known to make us hungry, which is why many restaurants choose orange hues for their walls and furniture. Even though it is well known by now that colors like green can make us feel energized, it is important to understand that we don’t all perceive the same colors the same way.

How colors influence us will depend on our gender, age and also cultural differences. While a man might find a certain hue of red extremely attractive, a woman might not feel the same way. With warm colors we can trigger more spontaneous behavior and this is why many shops choose this type of color scheme in their displays and for interior design. If you are looking for a spontaneous reaction to your flower delivery you might want to opt for deep and warm colors rather than cooler hues.

The Meaning of Flowers

With flowers more than color comes into play. There is a flower language and even if most people aren’t aware of the specific meanings of flowers they do have a basic understanding of the signals. A red rose cannot be mistaken for anything but a symbol of love and romance and therefore red roses are the main ingredients in bouquets chosen to express love and infatuation. Pink roses are not necessarily a sign of romance. They also convey love but of a more platonic kind, between friends and family members. Roses can also be a sign of mourning as is the case with the Dark Crimson rose. When it comes to yellow roses one should be aware that they can convey the message of decreasing love or even jealousy. Although yellow is a wonderful color in bouquets since it symbolizes joy, it might be better to opt for yellow poppies, which stand for wealth and success.

Should you manage to send a bouquet that looks dazzling to you but symbolically conveys an insulting or hurtful message, don’t worry! Beautiful flowers are just that, and the majority of people have no inkling of the language of flowers other than the most obvious symbols like red roses for romance. You can also rest assured that online flower shops consider the meaning and significance of their flower arrangements and make sure to put together happy, positive messages for you to send.