Knowledge Business Blueprint 2019

Technological leaps and paradigm shifts occur once in a couple of decades and they shatter the previous rigid structures and ways of how a business should run. The invention of the mp3 format, iTunes and music streaming services in recent times dismantled most of the music retail chains and changed the music industry forever. A Canadian entrepreneur’s dissatisfaction with the San Francisco taxi industry later gave birth to Uber, the app that dramatically changed the way we hail a taxi.

Information, passed down from one generation to another, from one culture to another, accumulated through time is the driving force behind humanity’s advancements and the crucial method of ensuring the information stays consistent and unchanged is education. Education has long been reserved for the elites, but a similar paradigm shift is emerging in that particular area and it will affect the way people learn throughout the world.

The Emergence of Self-Education

Autodidacticism, also known as self-education, self-learning or self-teaching, is the correct term for an education without the help and guidance of teachers or formal institutionalized organizations like schools. With the rising costs of higher education making it unaffordable to many people and the wealth of resources available on the internet, the trend of self-education is gaining momentum presently and is expected to skyrocket in the following year.

The Objective of Knowledge Business Blueprint

Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Russell Brunson are all highly acclaimed, successful entrepreneurs and authors with a common goal of sharing their knowledge and success. Each of them a self-made man, they truly understand and believe in the value of self-education and have decades of experience in the areas of educating and training people, both in person and online, shared between them. They have a wide range of knowledge in the fields of business, marketing and self-help and have set themselves a very meaningful objective – reforming the way people all around the globe receive information and learn. You can check out the official website here:

The way to achieve this objective is to teach you how to use mastermind groups to educate other people, that share your interests, in the areas of expertise and knowledge that you possess. The course was originally named The Perfect Mastermind Formula but was later changed because people new to business find the term mastermind unfamiliar and intimidating. So, what exactly is a mastermind group?

Mastermind Groups

Starting a business by oneself is a lifelong dream for many people, but it can be difficult without sharing knowledge and someone to discuss ideas with. The concept of mastermind groups was introduced by American author Napoleon Hill in his highly popular self-help book Think and Grow Rich as “the coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.” A mastermind group is basically a group of people, that share similar interests and goals, designed to exchange ideas, knowledge and experience. It can be business oriented or focus on everyday life, with members meeting in real life or through the internet. So, now we know what masterminds are, but what about the Knowledge Business Blueprint?

How Does the Knowledge Business Blueprint Course Work?

Knowledge Business Blueprint is the first ever course to teach you how to design and successfully run impactful and profitable mastermind groups. This new self-education system is composed of two main components:

  • The Knowledge Business Blueprint Course
  • The Mindmint Done-For-You Software

The Knowledge Business Blueprint Course itself will teach you how to systematically identify your area of expertise and your potential clients. It will provide guidance in how to extract your knowledge and share it with others. Several proven marketing strategies are disclosed to appropriately market, place and price your events, plus a few trade secrets for successful launches. The course provides the Perfect Mastermind Formula – the psychology of running an event and a blueprint to run your own event with step by step instructions. You can read the official review by

The course runs hand in hand with the Mindmint software, which will help to shape your events and design an agenda with drag and drop capabilities in the Event Builder. The software also provides pre-loaded event checklists to ensure the events run smoothly and without interruptions. Customer tracking and sales tools are included for you to simply track and charge your customers for the events. A website builder is loaded with webpage and email templates to assist you with marketing.

Knowledge Business Blueprint Course will show you all you need to know to launch an event and run it smoothly, attract customers and share your knowledge for a nice profit, while the Mindmint software takes care of the details. The experience, the know-how and the money invested into the product will ensure you learn how to successfully run your mastermind group in a simple, efficient way.

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