Jack of All Trades – 5 Self-Motivated Steps Toward Improving Your Skillset

Jack of All Trades – 5 Self-Motivated Steps Toward Improving Your Skillset

Improving your skillset can be not only a great hobby for your free time, but it can also help you improve your performance at work, and your handiness around the house. With Online Tutoring eCoaches can help you train for any skillset. Whether you’re looking for a promotion, or wanting to take on more personal DIY or self-motivated projects, you can never be too qualified or skilled in what you do. So, if you want to push yourself to improve your skill set, here are 5 tips to help you do just that.


A great place to start would be to further your study on what you already know.

You don’t even need to go to an institution, as taking on personal study online or attending local workshops in your area are a free and great way to get started and throw yourself into learning more.

Try watching videos or tutorials to try different methods.

You may learn things you didn’t know before, or even a better way of doing something you already knew how to do. You can also increase your knowledge further than what you knew before so when it comes time to shine you can really show off your brand new skills.


This one goes without saying, but the foolproof way to improve any skillset is to practise, practise, and practise. Keep teaching yourself or learning from other people the different ways to perform the task you want to improve your skills on. Take on any extra duties surrounding your skills, or take on your own projects at home or with friends to help you increase your skills and power with the area.

Try new things

If you’re constantly sticking to your original way of doing things, you probably won’t grow with the skill. Take a look at how other people do it and give that a try, or even improvise yourself and find different ways of doing it. Watching videos or tutorials online can give you other people’s perspectives on the subject and give you a whole new way of looking at it and going about it.

Set achievable goals

The best thing about learning something new or improving on skills you already have is when you start improving and kicking goals . When you decide you want to learn more, try and set yourself achievable goals so you can celebrate every little success you have, while also tracking your progress with the learning.

Take on more projects

Simply practicing with no projects can still be beneficial for you, but taking on more projects will give you a more hands on experience with the skills that you are trying to improve on. By taking on extra projects, you can track your progress without needing to take any notes on your work. At the end, you’ll have something you can be proud of and show off to people. You can also turn your own personal skill building into a social event by working on things with friends or getting a group of people together with the same interests so you can all work on your personal projects together.

Just because you’re working on building your skills, it doesn’t mean it has to be dull and boring. Keep working on things that you’re passionate about and it won’t feel like work at all. Who knows, through building your current skills you may qualify for a promotion at your current job, get an amazing opportunity at another job, or simply find a new passion.