Interview: A Word With Max Studennikoff Ahead Of CC Forum Monaco

As CC Forum Monaco: Investment in Sustainable Development begins, Dinis Guarda has interviewed the founder of CC Forum, Max Studennikoff, to take a look at the highlights and topics to be discussed at the event. Also, to get an update on the latest news regarding COVID-19 security measures and latest additions to the lineup. Here are the key takeaways from the interview.

How do you manage all the challenges coming from the COVID-19 pandemic? 

Despite the challenges brought by COVID-19, we have confirmed the presence of many speakers coming from different parts of the world. However, we still know that COVID-19 has disrupted partially our event. That is why we are doing a kind of a hybrid event intertwining physical keynotes and online participation from some of the important speakers. Bottom line, I would be dishonest with myself if I’d say we haven’t been affected by COVID-19 though the importance of the event speaks for itself and we need to learn to live with our current constraints. We can’t just stop, we need to think about the future as well and this event is all about that.

Ban-Ki Moon, the Prince of Monaco, representatives of the European Parliament … the lineup is impressive. How did you manage to gather so many personalities at this event?

When it comes to creating a lineup for an event you need to take into consideration all different approaches and POVs and you need to give voice to different perspectives. In our case, CC Forum Monaco is all about sustainability and sustainable development. And we wanted to bring in personalities from different areas, including investors, entrepreneurs, academics, and leaders who can really make a change. And with COVID-19 crisis I truly believe that we are at the perfect time to accelerate those changes towards a more sustainable future and we have built the lineup with that in mind.

Given the current circumstances, the event will be physical and will be distributed online. What would be the highlights for those watching the event from home? 

We have always been as open and as democratic as we possibly can. In fact, I am very excited to announce that we are inviting students from Monaco University to come to the event free of charge. I take this event as an opportunity for humanity to grow and to become more sustainable. As we stand right now, the number of catastrophic events and extreme weather is escalating every year so we have this responsibility to overcome every challenge we face to make this happen, because this conversation needs to happen right now. Humanity can’t wait.

The event is focused on sustainable development, can you give one last note on how sustainability is going to be highlighted at the event?

CC Forum features a very versatile and manifold series of topics, from healthcare to sustainability, social impact, philanthropy, ESG investment, etc and we have built our alignment and event narrative with the focus of providing a holistic approach to all these areas and all the problems facing humanity. And always with an eye on the future, because we want to find solutions.

About COVID-19 safety measures

We have a partner that will maintain all security measures and guidelines from the government to make sure that the safety of our guests is well kept at all times, these include social distancing, clean points, regular disinfection, etc.

CC Forum is taking place between 23 – 25 September in Monaco. It is an event that provides a platform for industry leaders to converge and think about various aspects of sustainable growth. Taking place in Monaco in September, CC Forum will bring together global leaders to rethink investment in sustainable development.

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