CC Forum Monaco Gathers Global Leaders To Rethink Investment In Sustainable Development

CC Forum Monaco Brings Together Global Leaders To Rethink Environmental Paradigms

CC Forum Monaco is an event that provides a platform for industry leaders to converge and think about various aspects of sustainable growth. Taking place in Monaco in September, CC Forum will bring together global leaders to rethink investment in sustainable development.

The world today is demarcated and characterized by developing or developed nations. Regardless of whichever category a country falls into, environmental concerns take the lead role. Therefore, to maintain the dynamics of nations around the world, it is essential to understand and address the issues of the environment tactfully.

There is more than one factor that affects the environment in a wrong way. Be it overpopulation, weak governance, or inefficient technological advancement; these are some of the parameters which take the lead in environmental hazards.

Therefore, developing countries on the cusp of progress need to emphasize these fundamentals. Only then a desired social and economic growth can be fostered. The progress made by keeping environmental up-gradation in mind is called sustainable growth. And all these challenges will be discussed in the upcoming CC Forum Monaco event.

What Is CC Forum? What Does It Focus On?

CC Forum is an annual event that was started in the year 2018. It provides a platform for industry leaders to converge and think about various aspects of sustainable growth.

This year the event is about to celebrate its third meet and 4th successful edition. The annual event will take place in Monaco in September this year and bring together global leaders to rethink environmental paradigms.

The main reason why CC Forum has garnered much media coverage is due to its focus on emerging technologies like block chain and AI. Another reason for its popularity is that the event brings global leaders together and acts as the main gateway for startups to earn funding.

CC Forum Monaco will be focused on Investment In Sustainable Growth

What Is The Mission Of The Event?

The main mission of the event is to bring forth global decision-makers under a single roof. From industry leaders, thought makers, startups, investors, everyone would be attending this three-day event in Monaco.

The event will also be channelized under the guidance of Prince Albert II Grimaldi of Monaco. CC forum will also see the footfalls of some of the best speakers around the world, who will be sharing their insights on the different discussions.

Why Is The Event Need Of Today?

The year 2020 has seen a global crisis taking shape in the form of COVID-19. While the pandemic has already jeopardized industrial growth across the world. It is now time to rethink other aspects of growth.

The realization that has dawned upon the world in the current pandemic scenario is that it is high time to ditch the usual business operations process. To preserve the planet and go along with economic development, today’s world needs a new breed of leaders and entrepreneurs who are both socially and environmentally inclined.

What Are The Major Topics of Discussion In The Event?

The event is a major global platform for discussing green energy and a new way of integrating AI and block chain technology. In the three-day event going to be held in Monaco, the various topics of discussion will focus on these topics that range from emerging technologies, renewable energies, healthcare, education, social inclusion, and philanthropy.

The event will be covered on a global scale and will also provide the scope of opportunity to the emerging startups in the race. One can also expect to see a multi-layered conference, buzzing exhibition, fireside chats, pitches, workshops, and a horde of networking events unfold in the three-day conference from 23rd -25th September.

This is one aspect of the program. Another major highlight is that there will be heated exchanges between top speakers on big issues. The CC forum is one of the highly anticipated events of the year. It is a trailblazer in its own aspects and sets a huge pedestal where global leaders and startups can share their thoughts on the current scenario.

This year also, the event expects to see a large number of footfalls. With global investors gravitating towards a more economically sustainable scenario, it can be pinned down that the summit will be a massive success from all aspects.

Sustainable Development At The CC Forum Monaco

When viewed from the perspective of developing countries, economic growth is measured in terms of wealth, income, the standard of living, and improved healthcare facilities. But what can be measured about environmental concerns? This is where sustainable development comes into the picture.

We all know that economic growth is directly proportional to environmental impacts. Today the major debate synchronizes on whether developing countries shall follow developed nations or focus on conservation for a brighter future.

All these debatable questions are what answered at the CC Forum.


The world today is seeing a significant change. Despite the current situation and crisis brought forth by the epidemic, Covid-19 can be easily touted as an eye-opener for industries worldwide.

CC Forum is debuting in Monaco this year and aims at expanding the horizon of future possibilities. As the stage is being set for an intelligent discussion, it can be safely concluded that climate change and opportunities for a green future will act as a key takeaway from the event.