Instagram: Tips for followers

When you think about social media, Instagram is one of the most popular ones out there. With over 700 million monthly active users and about 1 billion active users worldwide, it is no surprise it is one of the biggest social media platforms globally. With so many people using it to post images, videos and live feeds, it is no wonder that businesses are starting to pay close attention to the social media giant. Businesses aiming to gain more followers on Instagram can target potential customers and provide content for existing clients. Additionally, businesses may use Instagram to drive traffic towards their websites through links in their posts.

Considering the benefits that businesses can gain from using Instagram, it is important that they pay attention to what works in terms of gaining more followers that will eventually drive awareness of their brand. Some of the tips to gain more followers and grow their page are described below.

Use hashtags

You may have lost one of your socks before and gone through the pain of looking for that one lost sock, right? If you have and were lucky to find it, you may have thought it a great idea to bundle it up with its pair when you store them away. Hashtags are the bundle that keeps similar content together and helps you locate posts in the same genre or category. Hashtags are also a great guide to understand what content works for a specific category on Instagram. You can learn what content to develop that will attract the kind of followers you are looking for. More so, branded hashtags can work to your advantage by creating a collection of your best content that will help users locate your page and possibly, follow. That is why it’s important to find the right ones and there is an easy way if you learn how to use tools such as Task Ant which can generate the right hashtags for your account and make it popular. It is an easy way to market your brand on the platform and generate more reach and engagement for your business.

Post in a niche

It may sound great to cater to everyone but in most cases, this makes it difficult to develop a specific following because you are trying to catch all the fish. Businesses are rarely interested n all the fish and neither are customers. generic content seems to cater to all but may cater to none. Niches on Instagram offer you the ability to target a specific group of users on Instagram. Niches show you what kind of content they are interested in and who they follow so that you can customise your content to suit them and have a higher chance of attracting them to your brand. Some popular niches include health and fitness, cooking and fashion. You do not have to learn everything from scratch if you use the insights learnt from niches.

Be creative and entertaining

Social media is an entertainment source for most people especially for short periods of time. People enjoy binging on content on Instagram rather than long videos and content that takes too long to engage them. Popular hashtags and trend are a great indicator of what is hip and trendy on Instagram and can be useful for a brand when deciding what content to post or create. Reinventing the wheel can also work for you after you have an idea of what your niche enjoys though working with what already exists works quite well too.

Use videos

Instagram is popularly an image sharing platform but videos have also becoming a popular format. Instagram is not short of options for videos from short clips to Instagram live, stories and IGTV series. Instagram Stories is one of the most popular video formats with over half a billion users on it everyday with 45 percent of the most viewed stories being by businesses. When you consider that 1in 3 stories results in a direct message, you have to wonder why that direct message should not be to your business. IGTV videos allow businesses to explore topics in depth because they allow content for up to an hour long. IGTV series also encourage users to follow your account to see what is coming next rather than just view a video once off. Videos are a great tool in the Instagram arsenal.


Followers on Instagram will make your business gain more traffic and potentially, sales. Using the tips above, you can reel them easily.