Infographic: The 10 most innovative Under 30 Entrepreneurs

It’s been said that in modern times, anyone with an innovative idea and a MacBook can make it big. Take that statement with a pinch of salt, please. The desire of successful entrepreneurs is often to create change and growth. The main reason why most start-ups fail is because not everyone who starts a business is an entrepreneur. Most do it out of desperation, because of the desire to make quick financial gain. A desire to make a quick dollar not backed by a genuine desire to create change and growth is pure speculation and may fall short of the mark.

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Young entrepreneurs are using their creative intellect, to think about new directions in which to disrupt the market. There will always be niche areas that other older business entrepreneurs fail to recognize. This allows the under 30 set, to use their inventive imaginations and skills in order to provide needed services or products.

Notable stanouts for me are Jeremy Johnson, of 2U and Daniel Ek, of Spotify. Jeremy Johnson is 27 and is already changing the face of higher education. 2U which Johnson co-founded with  John Katzman and former Hooked on Phonics CEO Chip Paucek, generated $96 million in venture capital and recently announced its first ever undergraduate courses offered by a consortium of top-tier universities including Duke, Northwestern and Vanderbilt.  

Daniel is a Swedish entrepreneur and a technologist who started the music streaming service Spotify. He founded his first company in 1997 at the age of 14. His ventures have included the founding of Advertigo, the advertising company acquired by TradeDoubler and has been a part of the Nordic auction company Tradera (acquired by Ebay) and Evertigo.

A recent Forbes article said “While betting on experienced batters can certainly produce doubles, triples, and even home-runs; the grand slams of entrepreneurship come from the young and ill-experienced 20-somethings”. Entrepreneurship certainly has no bar on age but this under 30 crowd is mobile driven, pushing reform, into manufacturing and creating employment. No mean Feat. Come you over 30’s, its time to think like those twentysomethings or be left behind.

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