Improve Team Communication Through Collaboration Tools

Improve Team Communication Through Collaboration Tools
Improve Team Communication Through Collaboration Tools

In the modern workplace, teams can often work in remote locations from each other; whether in differing offices or due to the flexibility now offered in terms of hours and working from home. While this is certainly positive for morale and productivity, it means that communicating effectively can be somewhat trickier.

Working remotely can be great for a better work-life balance, but it’s important that teams are still able to work effectively together, even from different parts of the country or perhaps across the globe too. After all, businesses are only as good as the communication between staff, so having the right tools in place is critical if your employees are scattered across the country.

Collaboration tools, like WebEx Teams, are one of the most important aspects of companies that house many different teams. Giving you access to colleagues from anywhere, your team communication can improve tenfold. So, what can collaboration tools do for your communication and when should I use collaboration tools?

Create online team workspaces

Collaboration tools that are cloud-based allow you to bring people together in an instant. Giving you a chance to create an online workspace for everyone to participate in, having access to a team workplace means you can stay connected.

Whether team members are on the train, at home or another office in a different location, online workspaces mean conversations and discussions can still take place, resulting in consistent productivity. Through messaging apps and video conferencing, instant communication has never been easier.

What’s more, this can filter through to meetings with clients too. While tools like this are great for talking to your colleagues about internal matters, they can also be used for external purposes too. Video conferencing allows you to hold meetings when your physical presence in the room isn’t possible, but thanks to advanced technology, it’ll feel like you’re right there next to everyone.

Share ideas through digital whiteboards

Having teams in different locations can be detrimental to projects if the right solutions aren’t in place. Whether you deal with creative work, accounts or your time is spent organising and doing admin, communication with the rest of the business is key.

Collaboration tools can give you the chance to share ideas as if you were all in the same room. Digital whiteboards create the opportunity to share interactive drawings and notes with someone at the opposite end of the country, in real-time. Ensuring there is no dip in productivity levels, or if a matter is particularly time-sensitive, you can collaborate and get the job done quickly and efficiently through online teamwork solutions.

Features like this can also help to deliver presentations from remote locations too, saving on travel time and costs without letting collaboration suffer.

Easy access to business applications and files

Working remotely can be a cause for concern in accessing the files and applications you need from a personal computer or even a smartphone. However, smart collaboration tools utilise the work of bots to integrate everything you need in one place, creating a seamless solution for those who aren’t in the office all the time.

Collaboration tools allow integration of your business applications, files, calendar and directories, making sure employees don’t miss a thing by being in a different location.

So, next time you’re feeling apprehensive about staff being in multiple locations, remember technology gives you the chance to bring them all back together again.

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