Importance of University Pathway Programmes For International Students

Importance of University Pathway Programmes For International Students
Importance of University Pathway Programmes For International Students

There are approximately 1,400 university pathway programmes across the globe. The number of programmes taught in English within Europe has been rapidly increasing since 2001. Initially, only 725 courses were available but this has since risen to 8,039.

Pathway programmes have been introduced by universities as a way for international students to acquire the skills they need to get onto a course they want to study. It is an opportunity for students who do not fulfil a university’s criteria to get admission into a bachelor’s or master’s course. Above all, pathway programmes are an amazing opportunity for international students to access international universities.

Pathway programmes are sometimes called foundation programmes or bridge programmes. The duration of the programmes vary from nine months to one year. Moreover, various subjects can be studied such as business, engineering, technology and languages. Most international students choose pathway programmes to learn English which include speaking and writing.

Types of pathway programmes

Undergraduate pathway programmes

Students enrol on these programmes, before pursuing their bachelor’s degree, to earn credits. Good credits support students in getting admission into their desired course and university.

Graduate pathway programmes

Students who want to gain admission into graduate schools will often complete a pathway programme. As a result, students enhance their skills in their desired academic field. The earned credit scores enables students to apply for their master’s degree. This programme is also referred to as a pre-master’s program.

Online pathways

Online pathway programmes are for students who cannot complete the university pathway programmes. They are offered in many schools across the globe. Despite the option to study online, 90% of pathway programmes are taught face to face in universities.

The importance of university pathway programmes

Language skills

Students will enhance their language skills – particularly in English – as part of the requirements of their bachelor’s or master’s programmes. Getting a good score in IELTS, TOEFL is vital in gaining admission to highly-ranked universities.

Freedom to choose subjects

Embarking on a university pathway programme gives students time to consider the subject they would like to study in their further education.

High chances of getting admitted into a university

The chances of getting admission into a high-ranking university increase after students have completed their pathway programme. There are some universities which take students directly after.

Adjustment to the countries culture

For international students, adjusting to their new country’s culture can be tough and can have an impact on their studies. Every country has a different study culture. This is an opportunity for the student to get used to their new settings which will be beneficial for them when they continue on to study their degree.

It is recommended that international students choose to study and improve their English language skills. University pathway programmes in the English language are completed by the majority of international students. To study at the top universities, students have to score well in English language tests (TOEFL, IELTS etc.).

To conclude, after reading through this article you will hopefully be clearer about the importance of enrolling on a pathway programme. Don’t wait and begin your search for your pathway programme now.

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