How Generator Interlock Kits Are Better Than Transfer Switches

How Generator Interlock Kits Are Better Than Transfer Switches

Suppose you have ever been stuck in a power outage situation. In that case, you are no stranger to the inconvenience it causes and how scary it can be, especially when they last you for a long time!

However, if you have a high power generator to help you restore power, then it can empower you with a sense of reassurance that your home and family members are going to be safe if the power goes out.

One of the most critical things to know when you are upgrading or replacing your generators is whether you should opt for a transfer switch or a generator interlock kit. If you are buying a generator for the first time, it will help to know the difference between them to make an educated choice.

Here are some reasons that make a generator interlock kit better than the transfer switches.

They Are Safer To Use

A generator interlock kit is a gadget that is installed on your home’s breaker panel on its front cover. This allows for safe backfeeding of power through a portable generator in case of a power outage.

Backfeeding means when the energy flows in the reverse direction of the normal flow straight to your home’s electrical panel as a substitute for using a transfer switch to carry out this process.

They Are Easier To Connect

Interlock kits are much simpler to connect to a generator than your electrical panel. Simultaneously, the generator breakers remove the risk of unsafe backfeeding that can cause your generator to malfunction or even cause injury or death of a person working on utility lines to restore power to the electrical grid.

Probably the last thing you would want during a power outage situation is to cause harm to someone. It is not only hazardous but also unlawful!

How Generator Interlock Kits Are Better Than Transfer Switches
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On the other hand, a transfer switch is an electrical switch that can help facilitate load exchange between two sources. While some transfer switches work manually, others are automatic.

Manual transfer switches get powered on when the operator throws the switch by hand. Alternatively, automatic switches get activated when they sense that one of the electrical sources has either lost or gained power.

They Can Operate More Circuits Than Transfer Switches

When you use an interlock kit, the panel’s circuits can be electrified up to your generator’s load capacity. However, a transfer switch can only operate a few circuits simultaneously.

Moreover, transfer switches require an entirely separate panel to operate, while the generator interlock kits can be installed directly to your home’s breaker panel. Therefore, you don’t need an additional piece of bulky equipment in your home.

How Generator Interlock Kits Are Better Than Transfer Switches
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When you use the generator interlock kits, you can also eliminate the need for cumbersome extension cords to supply power to your appliances. As such, you are able to remove the risk of fires and other associated extension cord failures.

Besides, they are much safer, easier to use, and install. If you must upgrade or replace your generator, it is better to choose a generator interlock kit rather than transfer switches. However, we recommend you consult with a licensed electrical professional first to determine your requirements!

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