Smart Gadgets That Make Apartment Living Easier

Smart Gadgets That Make Apartment Living Easier
Smart Gadgets That Make Apartment Living Easier

Do you want to fill your apartment with smart gadgets but are not sure whether you will violate the terms of your lease? Many renters, including condo renters feel like they cannot alter their living spaces. However, you can use plenty of products in your rented space without interfering with anything. Look into plug-and-play devices, as they require little installation.

Here are some smart devices for you to consider:

Smart Battery

This innovative device upgrades your normal smoke detector by updating the alarms you already have. Buying a smart battery is much cheaper than replacing the whole smoke detector with a smarter alternative. Just by installing the battery, your smoke detector becomes a smart device by sending you notifications to your smartphone whenever the alarm goes off.

Smart Air Conditioner Controller

If the property owner has been nice enough to provide you with an air conditioner, consider upgrading it to a smart AC unit. You just need to buy a smart controller such as the Tado Smart AC controller to control your AC remotely. You will be able to make energy savings of up to 40 percent by using this device.

Standalone Security System

You do not need to mount cameras and pay for costly monitoring fees when you can buy a standalone security system. The Piper Security System is a device that comes with video monitoring, which is perfect for rentals because you can place it on a shelf or a table.

Whenever you are away from home, you can keep an eye on the place with real-time notifications and HD video streams.

Smart Blinds Kit

This product turns a normal household item into a smart gadget. Just buy the MySmartBlinds Automaton Kit to be able to control your normal blinds using your smartphone. You can even set up schedules for your blinds to open and close. Moreover, you can put them into energy-saving mode.

Smart Light Bulbs

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Think about installing smart bulbs. You do not require any bridge or hub for these bulbs; you only need a Wi-Fi connection. You’ll be able to save a considerable amount of money on your energy bills as well as to something good for the Earth.

Showerhead That Receives Phone calls

Although having a smart shower would be great, like the ones new luxury condos, Atlanta, Ga have, your landlord is not likely to spring for the costly installation costs. This does not mean that you cannot enjoy your own tech-savvy shower. Just buy the H2o Vibe Rain type of showerhead and install it into your existing shower. This fascinating device will let you rock out to your favorite songs and answer phone calls as you shower.

Sleep System

Do you live in a noisy neighborhood with loud neighbours? You can get the most out of your sleep by buying a Sense Sleep System. This gadget not only produces ambient noise that can block out disrupting sounds but also monitors your sleeping patterns.

Moreover, the device can provide you with personalized recommendations that will help you sleep better, and it can wake you up in the morning as well.

Pet Camera

If your dog barks all the time while you are away and disturbs the neighbors, consider buying the Furbo Dog Camera. This inventive gadget will send you a notification anytime your dog starts barking and allow you to talk to your pet and calm him down. Furthermore, it will allow you to feed your dog treats.

Removable Smart AC

Does your apartment lack an AC? You can treat yourself to a smart and affordable unit. The Frigidaire Smart Window AC allows you to have remote control over it and offers maintenance reminders in case you forget to change the filter.

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