The Hidden Benefits of Online Learning

The Hidden Benefits of Online Learning

By now, the obvious benefits of eLearning are apparent. More and more students opt to move all or some of their courses to an online high school, which is facilitated by such eLearning solutions as learning management systems (LMS), eLearning portals, and learning experience platforms (LXP). The advantages of moving courses online for students include:

  • Self-paced learning that allows students to allocate their efforts according to their individual needs
  • Flexible schedules that allow students to complete courses on their own time
  • An accessible, bully-free environment that enables students to focus on their studies, instead of peer politics
  • A consolidated study hub that allows students to access materials, support and lessons all from the comfort of their home computer.
  • And many more…

Those are the immediately apparent advantages of taking a high school course online – but what about some of the nonobvious benefits? Here are a few hidden reasons to enroll your kid in online high school classes.

Improved Time Management Skills

Because students taking online courses have a single set timeframe in which to complete the course, it’s up to them to self-enforce time management. If they want to complete the course within three months, for instance, they have to manage their time accordingly.

Aside from the fact that this model lends itself to self-paced learning (as mentioned above), it also instills a valuable lesson on managing work and deadlines. This sets students up for success in the workforce, where they won’t have the luxury of a teacher stipulating their daily activities and goals.

Increased Independence and Self-Sufficiency

When you learn at your own pace, and according to your own schedule, you learn how to be independent and self-sufficient. Ultimately, it’s the student who has to take the initiative and lead the charge.

That’s not to say eLearners don’t need anyone’s help. They have access to expert teachers and 24/7 on-demand tutoring at online high schools, after all. It just means that they can feel in control of their education and don’t have to take a backseat when it comes to their academic future.

Ability to Pursue Enriching Extracurricular Hobbies

One of the hidden benefits of a flexible online school schedule is that it frees students up to pursue enriching extracurricular hobbies. If your kid is interested in music, sports, coding or woodworking, they can free up time to nurture those passions.

One of the problems with traditional brick-and-mortar schools is that they demand daylong physical attendance, leaving little time for students to pursue other interests that could be valuable to their professional and personal future. With online learning, they can finish their high school courses and cultivate their interests.

Expert Guidance

Support in traditional schools is limited by the number of teachers they have on-hand at a given time. However, with online schools, students have access to tutoring whenever they need it, whether it’s first thing in the morning or late at night. Online high schools also employ teachers who are experts in their fields, so your kid is always receiving a top-notch education.

You’ve heard the advantages. You’ve read about the hidden benefits. Now, all that’s left to do is give online learning a try. See if it’s right for your kid.


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