Global Women Power Duo Launch Biart Nft Agency On A Mission To Sustainably Disrupt The Nft Landscape

Santo and Wiley Launch BIART NFT AGENCY Aim To Educate and Empower Artist While Connecting Them With Connoisseurs. 

nft, BIART NFT AGENCYBIART NFT AGENCY, launches their global marketing agency specializing in growing and connecting artists within the cutting-edge NFT landscape. BIART agency is a women-owned agency led by two executives with over 30 years of combined creative, marketing, and tech start-up experience. 

Over their careers, Azzura Santo, CEO, and Kim Wiley, COO, have conceptualized and developed ideas. They have worked with brands and artists on a global scale across diverse markets from fashion, music, tech to cultural arts to name a few. 

Our goals as a company are to further the protection & expansion of the Arts as well as advancing efforts to protect & clean our planet. By using blockchain technology via NFTs we can for the first time guarantee the authenticity of digital works of art, as data stored on the blockchain is immutable & transparent, which will also enable artists to profit from sales of their creations in secondary markets. We will be more than happy to unlock these great benefits for artists and connoisseurs who share our sustainability values so that we can support each other in our mission of saving the planet.” Said Kim Wiley, COO 

These two women powerhouses are eager to evolve the ever-growing opportunity to provide artists with the support needed to market, monetize, and distribute original trackable and unique NFT’s. While facilitating the discoverability, accessibility, collectability, and authenticity of new art assets to connoisseurs through blockchain. BIART NFT AGENCY is growing the opportunity for all artists and various industries like fashion and travel to sustainably reach new connoisseurs and share the passion for all forms of art. 

Sustainability is front and center when it comes to our NFT platform built on Cardano, which as a Proof of Stake blockchain, consumes very little energy as compared to Proof of Work blockchains like Ethereum or Bitcoin. We will also strive to ensure that all marketing efforts, brands, builds and artists who we partner with will further drive our greater effort of cleaning & protecting our planet for the future.” Said Azzura Santo, CEO 

BIART NFT Agency is a zero-waste, go-green company. BIART NFT Agency is aware that NFT’s are causing concerns in the climate crises arena. They knew it was time to reshape blockchains’ imprint on a global scale. By way of building a future that eliminates greenhouse gas emissions in order to halt the climate change crisis one coin at a time. BIART NFT Agency is committed to supporting organizations that are looking to build tools and change blockchains’ impact on the environment. Santo and Wiley are climate crisis advocates. 

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