getAbstract AI: The Next Level In AI-Driven Learning By getAbstract

getAbstract, an e-learning summary platform, releases a new AI tool, getAbstact AI, to help users navigate the 27,000 summaries hosted on the platform. This feature breaks the material down and presents it as a source, as well as offering follow-up questions.

getAbstract AI: The Next Level In AI-Driven Learning By getAbstract

Swiss knowledge provider getAbstract unveils “getAbstract AI” for its extensive online library, which includes over 27,000 summaries. getAbstract AI offers an even more efficient method of knowledge transfer, saving time and providing individualised experiences tailored to each user.

The new getAbstract AI tool allows users to search for knowledge in leadership, personal and professional development, and business more quickly and efficiently within the online library. As a chatbot-like addition to the search function, it offers reliable and curated answers directly and exclusively from summaries written by experts in English, German, and five other languages.

An AI is only as good as the data it is trained on. Since all our summaries are written by professional authors and undergo a rigorous editorial and fact-checking process before publication, the getAbstract library is an ideal database for AI use. To prevent misinformation from affecting this dataset, the AI operates in a protected and isolated environment,” comments Patrick Brigger, COO and co-founder of getAbstract.

getAbstract AI: Evolving learning in the dynamic world

The answers provided by the getAbstract AI tool offer a quick thematic overview relevant to the query. At the same time, getAbstract AI also displays the summaries used as sources and suggests follow-up questions. This makes it easier to explore topics more comprehensively.

To apply the newly acquired knowledge in practice, recommended “Actionables” are provided below the answer. These offer a 15-minute overview of a relevant topic and consist of a mix of video, audio, text, and reflection elements. Each learning unit ends with action impulses, turning knowledge into immediate action – further enhancing the learning effect.

In a time when technologies are rapidly evolving and markets are constantly changing, it’s crucial for companies to remain agile and adaptable. This includes the continuous training of employees,” says Thomas Bergen, CEO and co-founder of getAbstract. “Artificial intelligence is here to stay. With getAbstract AI, we transform our library into an interactive learning experience, providing quick and high-quality answers to nearly all professional questions. This ensures we offer the ideal learning solution for an era marked by up- and reskilling, where quickly applicable knowledge is more important than ever.”

getAbstract AI: Transforming knowledge management and elevating learning in the digital age

After undergoing rigorous testing, getAbstract AI is launched on January 30, 2024, heralding a new era of benefits for both companies and users alike. One of its primary advantages lies in efficient knowledge management. By leveraging getAbstract AI, companies can streamline their knowledge repositories, ensuring that employees have unfettered access to the most current and pertinent information at all times.

getAbstract AI also offers a personalised learning experience tailored to the unique needs of each individual user. Through sophisticated algorithms, the platform delivers customised learning content and recommendations, maximising engagement and retention.

Time efficiency is another hallmark feature of getAbstract AI. Armed with its vast repository of meticulously curated information, the platform facilitates swift and high-quality knowledge dissemination, thus significantly saving valuable time for users and companies alike.

getAbstract AI fosters a culture of continuous learning by keeping users abreast of the latest developments in their respective fields. Through proactive content suggestions aligned with user interests, the platform ensures that learning never stagnates but evolves alongside the user’s professional journey.

By embracing getAbstract AI, companies can bolster their competitive edge in today’s dynamic market landscape. By fostering knowledge expansion, adaptability to market shifts, and the cultivation of innovative solutions, getAbstract AI empowers organisations to thrive amidst fierce competition, driving growth and success in the digital age.

Donald H Taylor, an expert in the Learning & Development (L&D) sector and chair of the Learning Technologies Conference, comments: “getAbstract is actually using AI for what it’s really good at, which is plowing through large amounts of data, but with a high-quality content set. Brilliant.”