From Primitive Digital Workers To Intelligent Digital Workers: ‘Age Of Invisible Machines’ Review In The Latest Episode Of BooksABC

In the latest episode of BooksABC Dinis Guarda, global influencer, serial entrepreneur and author, reviews the ‘Age of Invisible Machines: A practical guide to creating a deeper automated ecosystem of intelligent digital workers’, written by Robb Wilson. The book, published in September 2022, highlights the challenges with conversational AI and deeper automation. Dinis highlighted the four evolutionary stages of automation mentioned by the author while sharing excerpts and graphics from the book. BooksABC is a series powered by Dinis Guarda YouTube Podcast series,,, and

Dinis, an avid reader, deep thinker, and author himself, created the series to bring forth exemplary work, both fiction and non-fiction. “Our series is about book lovers. A book, essentially summaries and can make a reference for our busy and noisy lives”, said Dinis.

In its sixth episode, Dinis reviewed ‘Age of Invisible Machines: A practical guide to creating a deeper automated ecosystem of intelligent digital workers by Robb Wilson with George Tyson.

The book highlights the challenges with conversational AI and deeper automation and presents a practical vision of creating intelligent digital workers using sophisticated technologies.

“I think it’s a very important topic because when people talk about AI, it is a blurred vision that is inspired by Science Fiction films, but in reality, this is already here among us, especially how we look at Augmented reality and a deeper automated ecosystem.”

‘Age of Invisible Machines’: Laying down the fundamentals of an automated ecosystem

Published in September 2022 by Wiley, the ‘Age of Invisible Machines’ brings forward the challenges that persist in today’s world towards widespread adoption of deeper automation. It also presents a practical guide to prepare society for intelligent digital workers.

The book is divided into three parts: imagining an ecosystem of intelligent digital workers, planning an ecosystem of intelligent digital workers, and then building an ecosystem of intelligent digital workers.

Reading excerpts from the book, Dinis highlighted:

“The resistance to automation and conversational AI has many facets. Much of the pushback relates to the automation of tasks that people don’t believe machines can do well or don’t trust machines to do at all as conversational AI and ecosystem for hyper-automating become a norm. 

However, it’ll become readily apparent there are a vast number of tasks and processes that can be automated with great success by machines, so long as these machines have humans in control and guiding the process.”

Sharing the graphics from the book, he also mentioned the evolution of the present primitive digital workers into basic intelligent digital workers, and later on into advanced and sophisticated intelligent digital workers, while maintaining a balance with others.

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Robb Wilson is the founder, lead designer, and chief technologist behind, the highest-scoring company in Gartner’s first Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Conversational AI Platforms report. Robb has spent over two decades applying his deep understanding of user-centric design to unlocking hyper-automation. He built UX Magazine into the world’s largest experience design publication while creating a full-service UX firm that competed with IDEO and Frog Design. In addition to collecting over 130 awards across the fields of design and technology, Robb has held executive roles at several publicly traded companies.

Josh Tyson is an author and producer who’s held leadership roles with a variety of organisations, including TEDxMileHigh and UX Magazine. Josh co-hosts N9K, a podcast from the future, and his writing has appeared in numerous publications, including the New York Times and Thrasher.

Dinis said that the book is a key element in bringing digital literacy to the masses and will streamline the adoption of automation and conversational AI in the future.

Concluding the episode while presenting his opinion about its significance in the present society, Dinis said:

“We are looking at hyper-automation efforts without no-code, and conversational technologies that look at AI, ML, natural language processing, and understanding robotic process automation, optical character recognition, and process mining. All of this, put together, creates a huge optimization for businesses. The challenge right now, and especially after COVID-19, is how our society is going to cope with this. Because most people are effectively using all the software tools, especially designers and UI/UX personalities, but they forget how to look at the ecosystem and how to use this optimisation to improve processes.”