Four Hobbies That Will Help Reduce Your Stress at Work In 2023

We live in a stressful time, with lots going on and lots having gone on in recent years in terms of the economy, health, politics and more. For many, it’s seen anxiety and stress levels increase and leaving us with little idea on how to cope.


And that’s gone one of two ways, people have found ways by throwing themselves into activities and routines that aid in the relieving of stress, or many suffer badly or turn to the likes of alcohol or drugs, finding themselves desperately needing rehab clinic to save their lives, never mind ease stress.

For those that are looking to reduce stress over the coming year, then there’s so much you can do, from taking 30 minutes out of your day, or enjoying a hobby once a week.

Here are the best hobbies for reducing stress…


Any form of exercise

We’ll start quite broad, as literally any form of exercise can be hugely beneficial in reducing stress. Running for stress relief has long been popular and with good reason, it works. The endorphins released from running can help improve mood, create clearer thinking and, of course, make you feel healthier too.

Running with groups can be even more effective as you have a ready formed support network, while activities such as cycling, swimming, dancing, and literally any other form of sport can significantly improve your overall mental health and reduce stress. For an extra element of fun, you could even arm yourself with equipment from one of the best airsoft wholesales in the UK and participate in airsoft in your spare time. This is a fun activity because it is both mentally and physically engaging, and you’re bound to have plenty of laughs with your group while doing so too!


Yoga and meditation

While yoga could perhaps fit into the exercise category, we are going to separate the two just because of how effective yoga can be. It’s recommended by many therapists to patients to ease stress and just 15 minutes a day of it can have a huge impact on your day and overall mood.


Arts & Crafts

Similarly to exercise, all arts and crafts can be great for peace of mind and reducing stress. They give you a task to focus on and are often incredibly therapeutic. Whether it be painting, knitting, jigsaws, pottery or any other form of activity like that, they’re not only good for stress, but you also get an end product too.

They can provide you with happy memories, or what’s more, potentially even turn into a business for you, selling on the likes of Etsy.



You’d be amazed by what just getting out in the garden can do for you. It provides you with exercise, allows you to get creative, and provides you with fresh air and natural surroundings, all of which can significantly reduce stress.

Your patch doesn’t have to be large, while there are plenty of opportunities to help out in local parks or rent an allotment these days, and getting stuck in come rain or shine will work wonders for your stress levels.

Before you embark on your gardening journey, make sure that you have all the tools and equipment you need to take good care of your area. You can go far with a quality lawnmower and leaf blower, but don’t forget your spade and trowel for when you need to get down and dirty into the soil. You may be exhausted by the end but you will feel a lot more relaxed and happy.