Five Benefits Of CPQ

Five Benefits Of CPQ
Five Benefits Of CPQ

Configure, price, quote is a software system that is used by B2B companies to offer the best service to their customers. Large companies place massive orders with their vendors every day, but these estimates are difficult to create. This software suite can create an estimate for each customer quickly, and you will close deals much more quickly when using it. There are five benefits listed below that show why you need to digitize your sales process.

  1. CPQ Works For Any Business

CPQ is designed to work with any business. The software is loaded with all the information that is needed to complete the estimate, and you can update the internal settings at any time. Your company can load information like the price of a plank of wood for a construction project. You can load the cost of labor for your staff, and you can include the price of every part that is used to complete your projects.

The program converts that information into an estimate that is easy to read and understand.

  1. You Can Configure The Estimate Exactly How You Want

You can configure your estimates in any way that you want. You will create the document based on what you would normally do in the situation. The program begins to fill out the estimate, write in prices, and offer a subtotal. Plus, the program will show every item that you have listed. These estimates are very detailed. If you give your customers the details the first time, they do not waste time asking extra questions.

  1. Send The Quote

You can send the quote just seconds after your estimate was created. Because of the CPQ program, you can send an estimate seconds after you finished it. That estimate will go to your customer on the same day they contacted you in most cases. You are not forcing your customers to wait, and you can get an answer in a short time. Your customers can decide how they want to pay for these services, when they are ready to get started, and they have a copy of the estimate that shows precisely what you will do.

  1. Send The Quote To Your Staff

When your customers accept the quote, you can send that document to the people who will do the work on behalf of your business. Your company will give consistent customer service because everyone is working from the same document, and you will not need to worry about explaining the estimate to your colleagues. You can send the document in an email, and your staff can get to work on the job.

You can send the quote to your superiors if they need to review your estimates, and they can quickly file the estimate you have created. You do not need to waste time writing down everything by hand, and you do not need to spend time filling in a form on your computer. Busy people tend to make mistakes because they are pulled in many different directions. You can stop making mistakes by using CPQ software.

  1. You Will Avoid Errors

You will avoid errors in your estimates with the CPQ program does everything for you. You do not need to worry about doing the math wrong, and you do not need to worry about misquoting the price of a certain item. You do not need to answer specific questions before the estimate is made. Your customers can get all their questions answered when they read the estimate.

Companies lose money when their estimates are incorrect. Plus, you need to remember that information changes. Take your time to check prices for labor and parts. You can update the program at any time, and the new information will be used to complete each estimate.


The best thing about configure, price, and quote is that you can create a quote for anyone that buys from you. The large companies that buy from you need a quote that is accurate, and you do not want to make errors when creating the estimate. The program does all the work for you, and it can create a beautiful estimate that is easy to read. Your company will make more money, and you can close deals faster when using the appropriate software.

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