Emergent Social Media Technologies of 2013 (So Far)

Source intelligentHQ

What do Chirp, Flayvr and Conversations have in common? According to Sam Peters, in New Social Media Technologies of 2013, all three are emerging social media technologies that are making a big impact on the social media landscape this year. What makes these three really stand out are the ways in which they are making social networking and sharing easier and smarter than ever.

Chirp does away with logins, opening email or pairing devices, like when sharing through Bluetooth, instead sharing content by “singing” a “digital birdsong.” The “birdsong” sounds more like a short, high-pitched squeal, but allows any neighboring devices who share the app to download pictures, messages and snippets of songs and videos. “By breaking down barriers,” Peters says, “Chirp is going to change how people share media. One of the downsides to sharing via social media is that most networks are members-only. There are more than 850 million active users per month sharing more than 250 million photos, according to Jeff Bullas, but who can see the activity and posts by these people is limited by membership on Facebook as well as whether or not two people are “friends” on the social network.”

The innovative part, (if that wasn’t cool enough already), is the novel way Chirp shares: through a device’s built-in speakers, allowing users to share information even when they aren’t connected to the internet. The free app, up for this year’s London Design Museum’s Design of the Year Award, is currently limited to iPhone users. However, developers say plans are in the pipeline for an Android friendly version.

Flayvr is a free app that comes from the mind of Israeli developer, Adi Ashkenazi, who was named one of 2012’s top 9 indie app developers who are changing the mobile world by Business magazine. We’ve all known the feeling of losing amazing images in a sea of random camera roll footage. Flayvr is a mobile gallery app that has found a smart way to organize pictures and video, making it easier for users to share pictures and videos on social media networks.

“Basically, what Flayvr does is use intuition,” explains Peters, “for lack of a better word, to group your pictures together into logical albums. It will pull information from your calendar and location to group relevant pictures and videos together in a single, easy-to-find place.” Not only is the app fast transforming social media experiences into social interactive experiences with novel smart albums, it’s also aesthetically stunning. Flayvr says its creating a “new visual media standard.”

Conversations is an app that brings social networking into the office. Hootsuite offers the internal communications tool as an alternative to inter-office communications systems, that can include the familiar and dreaded chains of multi-person emails. “The best part?” says Peters, “If your company is already using Hootsuite, you’re halfway there because everything is done from the shared Hootsuite dashboard.” The Conversations interface allows employees and co-workers within an organization to communicate and collaborate more effectively in real-time through pop-out message boards. It also enables internal teams to send social messages to one another for discuss, devise strategy and communicate approved messaging throughout the relevant social media platforms.

In a social media environment where things seem more complicated than ever, the most popular apps and tool are the ones that accommodate users on mobile devices and make sharing simpler, smarter and faster. This year’s emerging apps and platforms are just a glimpse of the types of transformative Thought Leadership that will continue revolutionizing both the social interactive experience for individuals and companies alike.

Top Tech Trends 2013 Infographic Source Forums.techsoup.org