Don’t Let Disabilities Get in the Way of Getting a Job

 Don’t Let Disabilities Get in the Way of Getting a Job
Don’t Let Disabilities Get in the Way of Getting a Job

An increasing number of people with a disability in the UK are finding work which is excellent progress, but there is still much more that needs to be done. There are over 7.7 million people of working age with a disability in the UK with 52.6% in employment (an increase in 2% from the year before).

The Equality Act

These statistics should give any jobseeker with a disability confidence when searching for employment. The 2010 Equality Act means that businesses cannot discriminate against those with a disability and ensures that reasonable adjustments must be made to support disabled job applicants and employees.

Technology Advances

There have also been all kinds of impressive technological advances in recent times which can now make it much easier, safer and faster for those with a wide range of disabilities to carry out a range of roles in different industries which can open up the job market significantly. Not only this, but wheelchair accessible vehicles from places like Allied Mobility can make it easy for those that require the use of a wheelchair to easily get around which is crucial for securing work.

Beneficial for Employers

Businesses are also now realising that hiring people with disabilities is beneficial for all parties. This is because it creates a diverse workforce which reflects customers and society as a whole. Additionally, employing those with disabilities can help a business to get a better understanding of the challenges and issues that their disabled customers might face and will help them to improve their products/services and customer service.

Finding Work

So, if you are seeking a job with a disability then you will want to know the best ways of doing this. First, you should be using a variety of techniques including using personal contacts, looking in classifieds, seeking job-placement assistance through disability advocacy and looking on online job boards. You should also know what your limitations are and look into technologies and services which could help you to overcome these limitations.

When the time comes for interviews, you should always let the company know in advance of any requirements that you might have and let them know if you will be bringing anything like a wheelchair, guide dog etc. It is helpful if you prepare explaining how you will perform the role and if you need any accommodations to do so – this will enable you to address any potential concerns directly and early which will impress.

A disability should not stand in the way of a job and in today’s day and age there are many technologies and services that can help people with a wide range of disabilities to excel in the workplace. Additionally, employers can benefit greatly from hiring jobseekers with a disability so hopefully you will be able to find work and embark on a successful career.

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