Domain Privacy Protection: 5 Reasons You Need It!

Domain privacy protection is an additional feature that you need if you buy or sell domain names. Most domain resellers, registrars, or web hosters know the basics behind domain privacy protection, but not everyone understands how critical it truly is.

Why Should You Consider Domain Privacy?

When you buy, sell, or register a domain name, you must provide valid contact information. This personal information is stored on the WHOIS public database. In short, anyone who has access to the web can see all of this personal information, including phone numbers, names, emails, and domain registration details. The fundamental aim of domain privacy protection is to keep your private and domain contact information from prying eyes.

Avoid Getting Hacked/Identity Theft

Being hacked or dealing with identity theft are two massive risks associated with unprotected domain contact information registration. Hackers commonly attack WHOIS information databases because it is easy to break into unprotected data. They can reverse-socially engineer access into someone’s account and target them with phishing attacks. In short, they can easily find ways to impersonate you and steal more than just basic contact info. As a result, reliable website and domain protection software should be a critical investment for anyone working with domains.

Keep Your Data from Being Sold

Data scraping is the process of gathering information from public resources into a spreadsheet and saving it to use for various – usually unlawful – purposes. And it could happen to you if you don’t have privacy measures in place on your domain data. In short, hackers can resell your personal and business data illegally to others, and you would have no control over it.

Reduce the Number of Spam Emails

Spam emails are something everybody is used to. Still, nobody wants to invite more spam into their email accounts. However, with public domain contact info floating around for anyone to grasp, you make it easier for spam emails to reach you. And sometimes senders are crafty enough that their emails aren’t automatically filtered into spam folders. In contrast, your public contact email will remain hidden, saving you more stress from active spam emails with domain protection in place.

Stop Unwanted Sales Calls

Similarly, you can stop unwanted callers simply by blocking those who can view your public domain name information. Block the constant ringing and avoid being scammed with endless spam or robot callers.

Hide Your Information from Competitors

Finally, nobody wants to give their competitors an edge. It does not matter if you are a small, medium, or large business; your competition will do what they can to put you behind your game. This could be more than just a tiny irritant if your competitors decide to play dirty or sabotage your business. This means domain privacy protection is the best way to lower the risk of your competition stealing your info and using it in their business strategies.

How Can You Get Domain Privacy Protection?

Getting Domain privacy protection is simple with NameSilo. NameSilo offers domain privacy protection of your information completely free of charge while complying with ICANN requirements.

In partnership with, we’ve made sure that instead of your data being available to everyone, all your contact information that can be found on WHOIS is replaced with our Privacy Guardian defaults, including an anonymized custom email address for your domain. Plus, we give you total control over your email settings.

With NameSilo, you can rest assured that your personal and business data will always be protected!