Dinis Guarda YouTube Podcast Series: Author Jason Michael Primrose On Building A Sustainable Creator Community

Jason Michael Primrose, the author of the Lost Children of Andromeda series and the founder of Cluster Chronicles, was the guest at the latest episode of Dinis Guarda YouTube podcast series, powered by citiesabc.com and openbusinesscouncil.org. He enlightens the audience with his journey from writing a sci-fi series to utilizing Web 3.0 and NFTs to build a thriving community.

Jason is a serial entrepreneur, writer, storyteller, creator, and strategist. Being from a family of literature, poetry, and prose, Jason was magnetized to the world of storytelling from his tender years. He worked twelve hard years of consulting in brand, creative, experiential, and influencer marketing building up skills that nurtured his brainchild “The Lost Children of Andromeda”.

Sharing with Dinis about his experiences during his early professional years, Jason said that the analytical tools in Web 3.0 are a beneficial resource that facilitates great things to happen within the creator economy, a feature that was lacking in the earlier versions of marketing and the internet.

Explaining it further, he said that it all starts with creativity. According to him, passion is the driver, “I think it’s the ideas and the imagination that flows the desire, or the capacity to be the business part. Because, let’s be honest, if I was doing business about something that I wasn’t passionate about, I wouldn’t be good at it. So, because I’m passionate about the story, I’m going to figure out the business.”

“Web 3.0 is a medium just like television, films, and podcast”, he told Dinis, “but NFTs are the special keys for storytelling and engagement. I mean, that’s how we use technology.”

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Empowering the creators with NFT drops

Being an influencer and an expert in Web 3.0, NFTs, and Metaverse himself, Dinis was interested to know how Jason strategized the NFT drops for his series. Jason told him that he took elements of the book, like the main technology and the novels, and released those NFTs as CYNQUE Prototypes on OpenSea. These technological devices give users access to the world of The Lost Children of Andromeda.

“They give you voting rights for future novels, you can decide what photos go in there, you can decide on book coverage, they give you access to future characters that haven’t been released yet, it gives you access to artifacts which help you to build a wall around your character, and then you can also earn the world’s digital tokens that everyone uses in the story, and we wanted to give you the opportunity to earn that, and they can use it to buy more artifacts, other characters, future merchandise. So, we really tried to build this gamified literature ecosystem that started with these NFT drops.”, he highlighted.

He emphasized that the original strategy is to bring the users a read-to-earn experience. “The whole vision”, Jason told Dinis, “is to basically re-instil imagination in people. When people come into The Lost Children of Andromeda, they are reminded that they can tell stories, and so all the things we do to earn peace, allow you to read the novel and learn parts of the story. Like the artifacts, like the currency, everything like that.”

Contributing to building a sustainable creator community

Having a background experience in Influencer and experiential marketing, Jason esteems a sustainable community, where he contributes with his mentorship, support, and collaboration. He told Dinis that he believes in sharing really powerful content and being of service to the community. He highlighted that he was personally involved in the back-channel to facilitate a variety of content creators- artists, writers, musicians, and many more. Although he did not build very large communities, he said, small and loyal communities yielded a lot of value out of their engagements and conversations.

Sharing his experiences, Jason said, “When it comes to community, it’s really like what do they need. If you want to make music for your characters, instead of writing short stories, go ahead. How do we allow our people, that’s what our community is for. So that people can have fun again, can use their imagination again and break out from mundane day-to-day life.”

Sharing his future plans, Jason says he is persistent about building a community that is sustainable and has longevity. Focussed on a vision to achieve wider distribution, Jason is phasing out the NFT project for better penetration, so much so, he says, that it becomes a community-built franchise.

Weighing the options where the project could evolve, Jason is focused on giving ownership to his creator community.

“Whatever we grow into, people know that they were actually a part of the building of the Intellectual Property, and the assets that they have are going to increase the value because they were a part of the building of it because they were loyal because they stuck around because they shared because they participated. So, it’s like how do we all grow together, where people are getting back value for what they put in and they use their creativity at the same time.”, he concluded.

Call for action

Lostchildren.xyz has a lot of information about NFTs and the NFT roadmap. It is very web 3.0 centric and looks like a game.

Lost Children of Andromeda on Instagram is where you can find Jason’s personal storytelling journey

LCOA 2050 on Twitter, where it is like Web 3.0 mixed with the book, a holistic platform sharing both sides of that journey

Join the Discord, it’s very fun. They have an onboarding game where you choose yourself, your power, your position. There is a game that takes you to the end of the world. They have more games coming.

You can also read the book for free on medium. They are realising chapter-wise so you can have a chapter every week.

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