Dinis Guarda Presents: NTFs Uprising – The citiesabc Ultimate Guide To Non-Fungible-Tokens

NFTs are the first iteration of the blockchain uprising in an increasingly virtual world. NFTs are the first passage of the offline world of assets to the online open DeFi world of digital twins identity and digital assets narratives and economy. 

NTFs Uprising

NFTs are making blockchain technology and all ideologies of decentralisation and the metaverse become mainstream. And this is much more than just the waves around NFTs trading and speculation on digital pieces of art of NBA sports collectives. This is something much deeper and radical. This year, an NFT by an artist Beeple was sold for $69 million – making him one of the best paid living artists. This shows how this industry is at the brink of becoming something big. “NFT sales topped $2 billion in the first quarter, with twice as many buyers as sellers”. – Robert Frank, CNBC

Citiesabc Ultimate Guide To Non Fungen Tokens NFTs Book

This citiesabc ultimate guide to Non Fungen Tokens NFTs book offers a helicopter view on why NFTs innovative blockchain technology are changing and disrupting the art world, the creative industries, the business world and the digital foundations of our society as a whole.

As we digitise the world economy, we create digital twins of everything around us and build an ever expanding digital ecosystem. Some call this ecosystem, metaverse, which is now part of our society and economy. It is a system that is radically transforming our  world, and also redefining the way we behave on the virtual metaverse. One can say that this new wave of digital assets is ushering us into the super smart society 5.0 faster than ever before.

The process of making an NFT is actually quite simple and straightforward. There are two key stages in the process of creating a NFT: the first is choosing a blockchain on which to build the NFT, and the second is minting the NFT. ‘Minting’ is blockchain-speak for ‘licensing and selling’. These two simple steps are everything needed to make a digital collective, content or art to be NFT certified, hence, unique in the entire virtual metaverse.

Some of the most well-known NFT marketplaces include OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare, Foundation,  Atomic Market, NiftGateway, NBA Top Shots. Although NFTs can be sold in almost any auction house. The Beeple case is a perfect example of this as he sold his NFT art through a digital auction organized by Christie’s.

The book will explore various topics, including: History of NFTs, NFTs as digital product to sell – who own what – IP , NFTs and IP, NFTs ownership of assets, revenues and legal implications, Top industries being changed and disrupted by NFTs, The major NFTs marketplaces, and more.

“NFTs critical element makes it a one-of-a-kind solution when it comes to creating art digital properties and any other collectibles that through the NFTs unique technology can get authenticated using its fabrics of blockchain technology and purchased using digital wallets by cryptocurrencies, and also debit or credit cards. 

The breadth of NFTs is just beginning now and more developments are happening as we write this book”. – Dinis Guarda

About The Author

Dinis Guarda, author, writer, artist, academic, B2B2C tech influencer, inventor and serial entrepreneur

The author, Dinis Guarda is a prolific author of books including “4IR: AI, Blockchain, Fintech Reinventing a Nation”, “How Businesses and Governments Can Prosper with Fintech”, “Blockchain and AI?”, and “Blockchain AI Crypto Economics”. Guarda has been listed in global fintech, blockchain, AI, social media industry top influencer rankings: Top People In Blockchain by Cointelegraph 2019, The Artificial Intelligence Power 100. Other contributors include Karolina Makuch, Maria Lusitano and William Hosie.