How Digital Marketing and SEO Go Hand-In-Hand

How Digital Marketing and SEO Go Hand-In-Hand

Digital marketing and SEO are the digital equivalent of traditional marketing. Search Engine Optimization refers to the strategies and campaigns you can use to boost your ranking on search engines. Two different concepts, right?

Not today. The algorithm that Google uses to rank websites has evolved beyond simple and binary requirements. You now need to master on-site and off-site SEO and a huge part of succeeding means using tactics commonly used in digital marketing.

Nowadays, digital marketing is not so different than SEO. Today SEO is a branch of any digital marketing tactic, and like your digital marketing campaigns should never be given up upon.

Types of Digital Marketing

There are three main branches of digital marketing:

• PPC Marketing

Pay per click marketing is a very effective way to place ads on search engines and throughout the internet. You pay only for the clicks, not for putting your ad up, which can both be a very cost-effective way to bring in customers, or a waste. Keyword and demographic research are going to be critical here.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the few places where you will be able to simultaneously advertise through traditional means (through ad banners and video) while also building up an organic following through more modern means.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is not new. Create content that people want to read, watch, or otherwise engage with and you will entice them to your website. It’s no different than offering a wheel of fortune or hosting an event in your store to get people to walk in.

Why Do Digital Marketing and SEO Go Together?

The same tactics that work with digital marketing will also, to an extent, work with SEO. The steps you will need to take to create an effective campaign will easily improve your digital marketing campaign.

How Can You Improve Your Digital Marketing to Improve Your SEO?

There are several steps you can take to improve your digital marketing/SEO strategies:

1. Promote Your Content, Not Just Your Company

It’s easy to focus on just getting people to your home page, but by using digital marketing campaigns to promote your content (content marketing), you can boost your SEO and reputation.

2. Collaborate with Others on Social Media

Work with others on social media so that you can create a series of articles, videos, or promote a product. From a digital marketing standpoint, this introduces all of their fans to your business. From an SEO standpoint it’s great for your backlink profile.

What Can You Do To Take it One Step Further?

Handling your own digital marketing is difficult, but trying to tackle the complexities of SEO is something else. Yes, what you do for your digital marketing campaigns will work towards improving your SE ranking, but there is a lot of nuance to SEO that means it’s better to leave it to a professional, like this SEO agency Birmingham team.

Successful SEO means optimizing your website, your content, and your backlink profile. You can use digital marketing tactics to improve your backlink profile and to draw visitors to your content, and even encourage those visitors to write a response piece. This will help enormously towards bettering your company, but the technical aspects of SEO go so much further than smart content marketing, and that’s where a team of professionals comes in handy.

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