How Do Different Seasons Affect Your Car?

Many peoples cars have been sitting on their driveway unused for the last 18 months or so, and now the world is opening back up, there will be many more car trips and long journeys to go on. Even if you’re just driving to your office and back the weather can have a real impact on your cars performance.

In the spring, your likely to have a build up on pollen in your air conditioning system. Making sure you go for regular checks at a garage will help this build up to not overwhelm your car. Keeping an eye on your tyres is also vital, rather than just filling them up and forgetting all about them, the different temperatures can cause your tyres to perform differently. This is something to keep in mind in spring when the weather is getting slightly warmer.

Even though the majority of people love summer, your car may not. There are a lot more chances for your car to overheat, which is very bad for your engine. Just the same as in Spring, keeping an eye on your tyres is very important. With the hotter weather the air inside them can expand causing over inflation and in some extreme circumstances a bulging tyre wall. Checking them at least every two weeks is recommended.

As temperatures start to cool down again and the leaves change colour, it can be the perfect time for an overall health check for your car. If you’re thinking about it, it’s also a good time to look into a new car. It will give you plenty of time to get used to it while the weather is mild. Speaking to the experts at Vauxhall dealerships can be a good way to start your enquiries

Winter is one of worst seasons for your car, if it’s a bit on the older side, then more and more things can test it. The lower temperatures can reduce your car battery’s ability to hold charge, the fluids in your car can thicken, even with all the additives to prevent it. Turning your car engine on a few minutes before you need to set off can help it to warm up everywhere that it needs to in order to help your engine as much as possible. This will also help to unstick your windscreen wipers and defrost your whole car as effectively as possible.