Designer Décor – The 6 Essential Features Of A Modern Kitchen

Designer Décor - The 6 Essential Features Of A Modern Kitchen
Designer Décor – The 6 Essential Features Of A Modern Kitchen

When you hear the phrase “modern kitchen,” what comes to mind? For many people, it means a stylish design packed full of technology and modern conveniences. While this is one interpretation of the term, there is another in which “modern” refers to a specific design style from the mid-twentieth century that featured the décor popular before the industrial revolution.

During this period, kitchen décor consisted of frameless cabinets, minimal ornamentation, clean, horizontal lines, and sleek, simple hardware. In the following article, we’ll discuss several essential features of today’s modern kitchen.

1. Consistency of Accent Pieces

In a contemporary kitchen, even the accent pieces have to be consistent. For example, tables, chairs, lighting, and wall décor must all contain the same simple, sleek lines to create a cohesive look.

Pendant lights, stunning cookware sets, and minimalist hardware accents are all design elements you might find in a modern kitchen.

2. A Focus on the Horizontal Line

Modern kitchen design places importance on the horizontal line. From rows of cabinets and drawers to hardware set on the horizontal line, a truly modern kitchen draws the eye along pleasing parallel planes. To make the horizontal line even more pronounced, even the wood grain on cabinet and drawer fronts will be placed horizontally rather than vertically (the latter of which is often seen in traditional kitchens).

3. The Natural Beauty of the Materials

Modern kitchens tend to have very little ornamentation. This isn’t to say, however, that they can’t contain some. Decorative pieces and embellishments usually arise naturally from the beauty of the materials used. For instance, the horizontal line of rift-cut oak cabinets or the veining in a marble countertop both exemplify the naturally occurring ornamentation styles you might find in a modern kitchen.

 4. Frameless Cabinets

Frameless cabinets offer a sleek, clean look that’s a must for any modern kitchen. When cabinets are truly frameless, you cannot see any of the cabinet frames when the doors are closed. There are many different names for frameless cabinets – Euro frameless overlay, full overlay, etc. – but they all translate to the same thing.

5. Simple Hardware

To achieve this timeless look in your kitchen, you’ll want to opt exclusively for simple, sleek hardware. In fact, many modern kitchens have channel-set hardware pieces that are integrated into the cabinets or drawers themselves.

You may also wish to look for accessories like tubular pulls, linear pulls, or any hardware piece that runs the entire length of the drawer or cabinet itself. This will work doubly in your favor by enhancing the horizontal line that’s so common in modern kitchens.

 6. Flat Panel Doors

Flat-panel doors are a signature feature of modern kitchens. Whether on cabinet fronts or pantry doorways, flat panel doors will help give your kitchen a style that’s as sleek as it is timeless. Flat-panel doors, when combined with frameless cabinets, are the epitome of chic design.

Ultimately, the takeaway from this article is the fact that modern kitchen décor is clean and unobtrusive. Its appeal comes from the long, horizontal nature of its eye-pleasing parallel planes. These are created by your rows of drawers and cabinets, and the natural beauty of the materials you use. Woodgrain and marble veining add beauty and elegance, while sleek accent pieces such as stunning cookware sets, simple tables and chairs, and pendant lighting bring it all together into a cohesive design.

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