Phones And Apps To Boost Your Business Productivity And Success

Phones And Apps To Boost Your Business Productivity And Success

Productivity is one thing that everyone desires for. With an increased sense of productivity, you will tend to feel more organised, accomplished and in full control. Tablets and smartphones are some of the gadgets that we spend much time; therefore you can make your life and experience more productive by checking some of the best apps to increase productivity. But to make your life and business grow, particular smartphones are best suited to do that.

What To Consider

To identify best phones for business , there are a couple of things that should be examined. Security, value and cost are just among them. As a business user, there are a few things that you should put into consideration each time you are choosing a smartphone. Things like design, functionality, and security will influence your decision, but before the purchase is made, other vital factors must be addressed.

  • Most business tasks need more data processing compared to how much an ordinary consumer would need; therefore it is imperative for a phone’s processing capacity to be moderately higher.
  • The best smartphone that a business user should look for is one that uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 range. For those who are using Apple devices, iPhone 7 has one of the best Apple’s latest processors. iPhone 7 processor will enable it to run a broad range of business errands since it has sufficient power to do just that.
  • Battery life is another thing that should be considered when purchasing the best phone for business. Unlike iPhones , Windows and Android phones have removable batteries that can be easily swapped out for bigger ones.
  • A phone for business should also offer enough storage capacity, but it is mostly reflected in the price. However, those who are using an iPhone will have to spend some more money for an additional storage space.
  • When choosing a smartphone for your business, one of the first things that you should consider is the right operating system . There are four primary Operating Systems that are currently available on the market; Blackberry, Apple (iOS), Windows, and Android. Regardless of the OS, you choose for your business phone; you should always be confident in it, as this would ultimately bring more productivity.

The iPhone 7 remains on of the best smartphones for business because of its high-quality app store support, hardware, and just doing what other iPhones do; providing the best smartphone experience. They are considered expensive, but at least you get what you pay for. With the introduction of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, many users can choose to upgrade their phones to the latest model. But one thing that makes the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus as the best phones for business is the wider screens that these two phones provide. A business user who is looking forward to saving some money could opt for a slightly older version of the iPhone, like iPhone 6, which still ensures that the core functionality is kept intact.

iPhone 7

Phones also combines some of the strengths provided by iPhone, Blackberry and Android, at its best. A Windows Phone is mainly designed for use in a business set up. For businesses that use the Microsoft software, Windows 10 for mobiles offers a massive compatibility and an updated security features, and from an IT perspective, Blackberry and Windows phones are the business phones for business.

Apps To Boost Your Productivity

It does not matter how you work or the type of business you run, being productive is one thing that you must work towards. These are some of the best apps to increase productivity at your workplace.

  • Evernote – accessible from any device, this is a very versatile note-taking and storage app that is currently available. You can store, edit and even tag your documents with this cloud-based app.
  • Asana – one of the best management apps in the market. Assist in minimising internal email, delegate duties and monitor the status of your projects, just from a central dashboard.
  • Venom – used for sending payments securely and quickly, with no fees or forms.
  • UberConference – the best for conference calls, where you can even see the LinkedIn profiles of the participants and even record your meetings.
  • Producteev – enables you to assign duties quickly to other members, and hold them responsible.
  • Some of other best apps to increase productivity include:
  • Contractually
  • Refresh
  • FlipBoard
  • Square
  • Focus@Will
  • Pocket Analytics
  • Sunrise
  • TrackMaven and others.