Carbon Connect Launches Climate Pilot


carbon connect AG
carbon connect AG

Motor sports have not typically been synonymous with the green agenda. Nor is driving generally. Yet now that has been changing. The Sauber Formula 1 team already drives in an environmentally friendly manner. And now so can you with the launch of “Climate Pilots”. You’re probably thinking, what is a climate pilot? The answer to that is that climate pilots drive in a carbon-neutral way. As explained by Climate Pilot:

“The ‘carbon-neutral car’ green label of Carbon-connect AG guarantees that your contribution fully offsets the carbon dioxide emitted by driving your car.”

The offset of carbon dioxide is recognised by an international climate protection project.

The development of Climate Pilots is important and significant, especially when you consider that in the European Union, traffic makes up 26% of the carbon dioxide emissions. Cars make up almost 50% of this figure, and each car has been estimated to contribute 1.9 tonnes of carbon dioxide per annum. The good news is that by using Climate Pilots, drivers are directly supporting a virgin forest project in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. Each driver offers an annual contribution that compensates for 2.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.

The project works to protect five virgin forests, and the total area covered is 209,130 hectares. This counteracts clearance activities. The five areas supported are Rio Capim, Poty, Cauaxi, Sumal and Cacule. Climate Pilots can be recognised since they get a set of stickers that they can use on their vehicle. There is also an online community of Climate Pilots, so that people can be in contact with one another. It is hoped that this will encourage other drivers to consider their contribution to greenhouse gases and sign up as well.

Carbon-connect AG

Climate Pilots has been developed by Carbon-connect AG. Carbon-connect AG is a Swiss company that works towards providing innovation in the field of climate protection and sustainable development, and it aims to attain world leadership pin carbon offsetting and carbon management services. As pointed out by the organisation, we are all affected by climate change, and we all need to work towards reducing the volume of greenhouse gases introduced to the atmosphere. Carbon-connect AG works to help its customers do exactly that. This includes helping clients to determine ways to introduce environmental protection and sustainable management into their businesses, and to do this in a way that is profitable for them.

Projects work towards an approach of offset payments by working with carbon offset projects across the globe to try to work towards the protection of the environment. The carbon offset projects that are chosen use renewable energies, not fossil fuels. They also support activities to help develop energy efficiency. There are many types of projects that can help with the reduction of carbon emissions. These include not only looking at renewable energy sources, but also considering how agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, construction, mining, waste handling and livestock management work to reduce the overall impact. These are just some of the sectors where projects can be devised.

Screenshot of website
Screenshot of website

Carbon-connect AG has an inspiring mission and vision. The organisation aims to support high quality climate protection projects together with its customers, with an overall goal of creating a more habitable world for us today, and for our children. The company engages with customers that seek to be pioneering in environmental protection. These customers realise that by doing this they also improve their image with the public, so undertaking these sorts of activities is doubly beneficial. The organisation seeks to build a “win-win” situation – the customer is not the only beneficiary, but so too are the environment and society.

Overall, Carbon-connect views its role as being important in driving the protection of the environment. They are of the view point that people need to be integrating environmental protection activities into their daily behaviour and as they go about life. They believe that every effort is beneficial because it helps to reduce the need that we have for dangerous fossil fuels. By everyone playing their part on a local level, global change can ultimately be achieved, to benefit the whole world’s population. Climate Pilots is just one of many admirable initiatives that Carbon-connect has taken towards fulfilling its aspirational vision and mission statements.