How Can A Staffing Agency Meet Your Business Needs?

How Can A Staffing Agency Meet Your Business Needs?

In a working world increasingly powered by the gig economy, full-time, permanent employment is becoming less mainstream, while temporary work and even temp-to-hire placements are all the more ubiquitous. In such a context, companies seeking to fill non-permanent positions are increasingly using staffing services.

Staffing agencies that use recruiting software help businesses find workers to fill specific needs, whether they’re looking to replace an employee who’s on leave or need an extra hand during peak times.

These services are especially helpful in industries where top talent can be hard to find. For example, IT staffing companies will do the work for you, identifying qualified candidates for technical positions. There are also plenty of agencies specializing in healthcare, finance, and manufacturing, among other industries.

How can a staffing company help you? Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits.

Find talent quickly

When you’re in search of someone with specialized skills, your usual hiring process may not yield the strongest results. But staffing companies focus on locating talent for specific fields and positions. They’ll take over the often arduous task of identifying the best candidates for your open roles without you having to comb through countless resumes.

That’s because they’re working with and on behalf of both the candidates and the companies doing the hiring, so they usually have a pool of qualified prospects for you to consider. They’ll also vet candidates and only send you ones who might be suitable.

Save money

Not only will you save money on benefits, overhead, and onboarding costs, but the staffing company will also conduct much of the work you usually have to do in-house, such as human resources (HR) and payroll. You’ll pay the staffing agency, not the employee directly, and they’ll then pay the temporary worker, taking these additional tasks off the plate of your full-time accounting department.

Plus, you’re saving money overall in the hiring process since the staffing agency is vetting candidates on your behalf. Don’t worry, though — you’ll still have a chance to interview the candidates they select. And if the temporary hire doesn’t work out or the contract comes to an end, you won’t have to pay for costs typically associated with termination.

Limit the risks

Looking for a full-time employee but want to test out a prospective hire first? Using a staffing service will allow you to do just that without incurring any risks. Let’s say, for example, you want someone to perform computer maintenance and network updates. IT staffing companies will find candidates for the position, and you can evaluate their work for a certain period of time before determining whether you’ll hire them on a full-time basis.

You won’t have to pay severance or unemployment if they don’t work out — for instance, if they just don’t mesh well with your company culture. Meanwhile, the staffing agency will incur many of the liabilities you would normally have to assume. You’ll also have a chance to refine your own wishlist of qualifications after seeing a temporary employee in action.

Focus on your business

The hiring process takes up a lot of time. Many administrative tasks do, too. And if you’re a small business owner or an entrepreneur getting your startup off the ground, you probably don’t have that time or a full staff to take care of these functions.

Using a staffing agency will allow you to focus on other critical functions, such as finding investors and growing your business. It also takes much of the burden off of your full-time employees’ plates — they’ll have an extra hand to assist with the workload, even temporarily.

Achieve flexible solutions

There are many scenarios in which you might need an employee temporarily: seasonal fluctuations, employees taking parental or medical leave, and so on. Hiring a temporary worker will allow you to handle these demands without taking too much time out of your busy day to deal with the headaches associated with the hiring process. Staffing agencies will work with you to find flexible solutions that meet your needs.

Using a staffing company is an efficient and cost-effective way of finding top talent without assuming the liabilities that normally come with the hiring process, even when you’re outsourcing work. Not only will they help you fill temporary gaps, but they can also assist in finding talented workers who might eventually become permanent employees without you having to personally vet them.

From giving your permanent, full-time employees a helping hand to saving you time and money, staffing companies are becoming a vital player in a world that’s increasingly relying on flexible employment.

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