Best Cryptocurrency Trading Apps For iOS In 2021

Born entirely digital, the best way to trade cryptocurrencies is over our smartphones. The best cryptocurrency trading apps are simple to use, have low fees, and offer uniquely distinguishing features- staking rewards and interest accounts. 

Best cryptocurrency trading apps for iOS in 2021Every user has a different criterion while downloading the app like experience, country of residence, trading activity, overall investment strategy, and preferred coins. These together or individually would affect your choice of trading app.

With the Apple store, you have the leverage that the algorithm keeps away the unsafe apps at bay. However, other fascinating features of the apps include generous trading rewards, huge sign-up bonuses. The most suitable app, however, might be the one that satiates your preferences.

We are presenting some of the top trading apps that are user-friendly, with better rewarding trading features, displaying the latest trends, and pocket-friendly.

  1. Coinbase It is the largest cryptocurrency exchange across the world, suitable for a top-tier mobile exchange experience. It is the most popular app amongst beginners. Besides storing a large number of cryptocurrencies, Coinbase offers a free wallet service for its users, multiple payment methods, fund transfers in the coins of choice, price tracking, clear transactional records, top security, real-time market data, and passcode protection.
  2. Binance It is an app for a seasoned trader, supporting over a hundred different cryptocurrency trading pairs, over 370 coins on the platform, and 43 fiat currencies. Spreading around 1400 markets, it is one of the most popular and trusted platforms with low trading fees and sophisticated live charting.
  3. BitQT is an auto-trading robot designed to help beginner and seasoned investors analyze market trends, and make the best trade deals over the blockchain. Its powerful and advanced interface helps increase the profits manifold. Further, it is secured, convenient to sign-up, and is backed by robust customer support at all times.
  4. BlockFi It is the most reputable financial service provider, with the objective of providing its users a platform for earning interests, borrowing money, and exchanging cryptocurrency. Further, it has bank-like interest accounts for long-time users, with an option of earning compound interest while managing monthly payouts to your wallets. Most importantly, it has a huge signing-up bonus!
  5. Gemini The first regulated Ether exchange platform supports over 20 cryptocurrencies and has its own wallet. It has a basic UI and streamlined trading perspective over its clean app. It fosters trust through action by offering cold storage coverage, wallet insurance, and WebAuth hardware security keys.
  6. CryptoTrader It is probably the best free cryptocurrency information hub with unmatched charting software. I have an incredible ability to track top indicators and host a plethora of coins across all major cryptocurrency exchanges. It gets constant developer support from Zerion. Further, it has customizable price alerts and an up-to-date news hub. Last, but not least, has a very active Telegram, and 24/7 customer support. Also, available in language support format.


Not all apps offer the same features. You should select the one that best suits your list of criteria. While some apps have a great interface for buying and selling, others may edge on their offers of reams of functions and coins, others may be a good projection of market trends and help in strategizing your investment scheme. In the end, whatever choice you make, must satisfy your criterion.