The Best Brands To Follow On Twitter

The majority of your favorite brands, most probably already on Twitter. If you are new to Twitter, as part of your induction to the site you are encouraged to follow popular brands and personalities. According to a recent study conducted by Constant Contact and research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey, people who follow major Bands on Twitter will not only recommend those brand products to friends, but also become purchasers as well. The research shows that 60% brand followers, will make recommendations, while 50% of followers are more likely to purchase directly.

Smart brands themselves are recognizing the power of Twitter and are using it as an advertising channel. The best brands that I follow other ones that usually inject some humor in their tweets. If it’s well done, I don’t mind that they’re subtly trying to sell me something.

If you’re going to sell something as mundane as toilet paper you’re going to have to appeal to people’s sense of humor. Charmin employs a wicked sense of toilet humor on every tweet. (No pun intended)

Paddy Power can always be counted on to entertain their 200,000+ Twitter followers when it comes to tweeting at live sporting events. Face it, we all like laughing at overpaid footballers.

Everyone loves McDonald’s but the company is not complacent. The frequently tweet to promote new products and let their followers stay in the loop about upcoming events. McDonald’s are also notorious for giving away prizes.

If you are in the process of building your brand there’s a bit of good news according to the constant contact report, 75% of respondents claim they have never actually unfollowed a brand on twitter, this means if you do it right, you can enjoy longevity and true engagement with your followers. You will have to be creative as your audience is going to demand unique content with every posting.

There are obviously many factors that make brands, worthy to follow. The best brands should have a combination of sharing information, educational content tailored for me, not to mention exclusive deals and giveaways. Because we all have short attention spans when it comes to social media perhaps it’s the ones that take the time to inject humor will grab our attention and convert us into a loyal follower. I think Charmin is the best example of this.

Here is a list of the top 10 brands you should consider following on twitter:

1. McDonalds: @McDonalds

2. Taco Bell:   @TacoBell


4. Warby Parker: @WarbyParker

5. JCPenney: @jcpenney

6. Nike: @Nike

7. Subway: @SUBWAY

8. Starbucks: @Starbucks

9. Old Spice: @OldSpice

10. American Express: @AmericanExpress

Check out how brands use twitter in this infographic from My Clever Agency.