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Crypto-banking innovator is preparing a major assault on the $250B crypto earnings sector and is opening its equity book for those who want to be part of the journey. Via the Seedrs crowdinvesting platform, is offering a limited supply of equity to Seedrs and own platform users. The public launch has already taken place on November 7th, and parties interested in becoming investors need to be quick, as this opportunity closes a month from now, on December 7th. is currently raising a round of $33M, less than 20% of which is being made available to the public, with the rest being taken up by institutional investment funds, of which a significant share is already confirmed. simplified crypto-banking, being one of the first companies in the world to enable payment for goods and services with a crypto debit-card. Exchange, buy and sell followed soon thereafter. The company even offers these services to other companies so that they can in turn offer solutions to their own customers, but under the partner’s brand. Who knows, perhaps you already use solutions and don’t even know it.

Now is going to simplify the almost impenetrable world of crypto earning. There are great returns to be made in crypto deposit accounts, but for the average person, it is just too complicated. Who has the time or knowledge to search the entire market for all the best offers, move tokens across different blockchains, read smart contracts, and so on?

As a matter of fact, does. All its users have to do is decide how much and for how long, and perhaps, if they are adventurous, where. From there will handle the internal processes, so that users don’t have to worry about complex details. Like this, they gain opportunities to earn on their crypto assets without too much fuss.


Beta testing is complete. More than 1,000 users over the course of 6 months had average returns of 10% or more. This product is now being integrated into the already popular App, as well as a standalone service for institutional treasury managers.

The team is led by Vladimir Gorbunov who has a successful track record of managing fintech projects. Just in the field of crypto, the total capitalization of Vladimir’s projects exceeded $1B at the beginning of 2022.


And he has support from some impressive individuals. Austin Kimm is a fellow co-founder of and is no slouch to creating value, having set up several insurance groups including a pensions company that sold for approximately $200M just 3 years after launch.

Acting as advisors to the company are Young Cho, a financial expert with over 24 years of experience in banking and crypto startups, and Brad Simmons, a marketing professional with a proven track record of building large-scale consumer products and solutions.

Together, they bring a degree of expertise to underlying asset management as well as marketing.
The raised funds will be put towards user expansion, where plans to increase its user base in 2023 from the current 750,000 to over 2M registered users. In addition to that, the funds will be used to build out products and services, especially the sales infrastructure around institutional treasury, which currently makes up the bulk of the earn market.

“Over the last 5 years we have invested more than $50M into the development of leading crypto market positions in key segments, particularly payments and B2B solutions. But with the next bull run just around the corner, we believe the time is right to capture a share of the highly lucrative and relatively unoccupied earning sector. You build when the markets are down, and strike when the markets are up. We’ve done the build, we are now preparing to strike,” – commented CEO & Founder of Vladimir Gorbunov. has already achieved impressive results on Seedrs. In 2021 the company raised over €3.1 million from European investors. The initial fundraising target of €1 million was hit in just 36 hours and eventually closed with an astounding 210% overfunding from investors.

To become an investor, register down the link: