Aero-Endeavours: 6 Options For Making Your Way Into the Airline Industry

Aero-Endeavours: 6 Options For Making Your Way Into the Airline Industry

As a child, you may have had a keen interest in aeroplanes.

For some, this interest stays with us throughout our adult years and as a result, you may be interested in a job within the airline industry or even owning a small airport yourself. When we think of job roles within the airline industry many of us would immediately think of pilots. However, the flight crew only make up a very small percentage of airline company employees. From mechanics to the baggage handlers you see driving a baggage tug to get your suitcases to where they need to go, there are a multitude of opportunities to work within the aviation industry.

So what are the first steps to working in the airline industry?

As with many careers, you will be expected to hold a relevant qualification to the job that you are applying for. There are many different qualifications that you can gain in order to help you on your way to working in this exciting industry. Perhaps enroll on one of the many courses in airport management, learn how to fly as a pilot or even consider completing a degree in aviation.

Below are 6 career options within the airline industry.

Flight Attendant

If you are eager to travel the world, then a job as a flight attendant may be the one for you.

A flight attendant’s main responsibility is to ensure that each and every passenger is cared for and comfortable whilst on the aircraft. But being a flight attendant is not all about excellent customer service. You will also be required to check that the aircraft’s emergency equipment is working and stay calm and collected if there is an emergency.

Operations Agent

Operations agents are responsible for making sure that everyone is on the same page and there for each flight departs and arrives on time. An operations agents main responsibility is to receive and pass on information to the flight crew, people on the ground and other important personnel. You will be required to work under pressure and be comfortable in prioritizing tasks or projects.

Flight Dispatcher

As a flight dispatcher, you will be responsible for creating a flight plan for the aircraft, taking weather into account. Flight dispatchers are usually based on the ground in the airline’s control centre. it is here that they ensure each flight arrives at its destination safely, on time and with the least operating cost.

Airline Ticket Agent

The airline ticket agent is often the first person you see once you have reached the airport. They are responsible for greeting customers, checking tickets, checking your baggage onto the aircraft and assigning seats. You will be required to have excellent interpersonal skills which you will use to professionally deal with customers.

Airline Administrative support

Every business requires administrative support in order to keep the ins and outs of a business running smoothly. This is no different in the airline industry.

Depending on the size of the company, there are often numerous people that work as administrative support. All with different roles to play. Some of the more common roles are receptionists, data entry workers, human resources and communications.

Sales Representative

An airline sales representative is responsible for generating sales for the airline company. They do this by coordinating large-scale journeys for businesses with the airline they work for. You will need to be organised as you may be expected to plan multiple trips at the same time. You may also have the authority to offer companies package deals in order to gain their business.

Whichever way you choose in order to start your journey to becoming part of the airline industry you can be sure that being a part of this global industry will provide you with a wealth of benefits. One of the most common benefits that airline companies often offer their employees are heavily discounted airfares for the employee as well as for their immediate family.