About Us

IntelligentHQ is a platform that provides digital business insights, growth, executive education and change through the social media innovation lens to business – both startups and corporations.

IntelligentHQ is a thought leadership platform for Businesses, professionals, senior managers and industry sector drivers. It offers – CEOs, CMOs, CTOs, CIOs, COOs, Startups, small, big enterprises and experts across industries, Tech, Finance, Markets – a 360 degree business intelligence platform with a  digital and social lens focus. It presents 360 degrees Business Intelligence solutions and insights.

IntelligentHQ is a a platform for authors. IntelligentHQ authors section is a fast growing place for thought leaders in different industry sectors and will be technological continuously updated to become a profile for thought leaders and showcase for their papers, articles and thinking.

IntelligentHQ partners with Business Schools and Organisations worldwide identifying new ways, trends, and offering effective strategies, resources and a peer to peer unique digital and social media growing digital platform space.

IntelligentHQ leverages innovation, scale of content, social digital technologies, analytics, news, data and its respective distribution and syndication to create an unparalleled premium digital platform and social business network.

IntelligentHQ, is made for and by innovative Thought Leaders, experts and visionaries, Companies and Startups across the globe in a vision of creating jointed value proposition.

IntelligentHQ was founded by a group of experienced independent industry professionals and thought leaders within the business world, executive education, digital media, marketing, technology, finance, capital markets and financial services verticals.

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IntelligentHQ is open for contributions.
Contact our editorial team if you want to write / contribute for IntelligentHQ through editor@intelligenthq.com. Send us your bio, social media profiles and topics you want to write and we will get back to you ASAP.

IntelligentHQ is an 100% editorially independent project owned by Ztudium group.