9 Reasons to Study toward an MBA

A Master of Business Administration degree is a one-way ticket to more opportunities for personal and professional growth. If you are considering embarking upon this educational adventure and you are looking for motivation to take the plunge, but aren’t sure yet, then here are nine excellent reasons why you should study toward an MBA.

Bulk up your business skills

This is the most notable reason why you might want to earn a master’s degree in business administration. Ultimately, anyone who eventually wishes to fulfil their entrepreneurial potential will need to equip themselves with the skills and knowledge necessary to give their start-up the best chance of achieving and maintaining success. An MBA will provide ambitious entrepreneurs with a solid foundational business acumen in a broad array of important areas, from finance and analytics to business management and marketing.

Feel more confident leading a team

Some people are born natural leaders, while others need to work a bit harder to blossom into someone who can confidently lead and inspire their employees. Regardless of how strong your innate leadership potential is, you will still need to practice your leadership skills and regularly put them to the test.

Most Master of Business Administration degrees, including the University of Redlands online MBA, introduces learners to the many different approaches to leadership, all the while aiding them in brushing up on their communication skills. Above-average communication skills are necessary for all leaders, especially when it comes to delegating work and effectively communicating the company’s purpose, goals, and vision to a team.

Boost your earning potential

So, what exactly could you earn per annum if you were to obtain your MBA? According to data released in the 2019 QS Jobs & Salary Report, professionals in possession of an MBA degree earn some of the most impressive salaries in the world. In the UK, earnings often extend up to £74,000 per annum, with average earnings sitting at £52,533, according to PayScale. Most MBA graduates earn an estimated $102,100 per annum in the United States.

You can opt to study online

Do you already have a business up and running? There is no need to attend a traditional on-campus university when pursuing your MBA. Most quality programs are easily accessible online. For instance, the University of Redlands MBA degree can be completed 100% online. No hassles, no fuss, and maximum flexibility to suit your lifestyle.

Maximise your career opportunities

An MBA degree automatically increases your employability. This means that you are likely to find it a lot easier to land a job within the business environment, as well as enjoy a larger selection of titles and roles.

Even if you decide not to enter the business world immediately, there are lots of other employers out there in many different industries who would jump at the chance to hire an MBA graduate. After all, you will boast an attractive library of skills that will prove you to be an articulate, analytical, hard-working, and well-organized employee.

Travel the world

As long as you select a reputable university, your MBA degree should be recognised all over the globe. This is wonderful news for individuals who wish to travel or who have dreams of starting a business in a new country. If you manage to accumulate enough start-up capital and you have an impressive track record behind you, you could even settle down permanently in a different country and eventually become a permanent resident or citizen based on your business acumen.

Credibility when starting your own business

Proving to potential clients and new employees that you know what you are doing is always a great move when you first start a business. Displaying your MBA degree on the wall and mentioning it on your website is the perfect way in which to go about this.

Learn how to manage all aspects of a business

A successful business owner needs to be a ‘jack of all trades’ when it comes to managing operations – at least initially. You can seek out talented professionals to take over various important tasks as your business grows and your cash flow increases. However, for the first few years, most of the admin and management will fall on your shoulders. A top MBA program will teach you how to keep an eye on business finances, how to strategize regarding marketing, how to network and nurture business relationships, how to analyse risks, and much more.

Choose from a host of specialisations

You can tailor your degree to fit in with your talents and professional goals. Some of the most popular MBA specialisations include general management, international business, finance, and marketing.

Feeling inspired? Impeccable business skills are just a few steps away. Go for it!