7 Essential Things To Do When Moving Your Business

7 Essential Things To Do When Moving Your Business
7 Essential Things To Do When Moving Your Business

Are you relocating to expand your business? Is it to make the most of the market conditions? Is it to save more money in your bank? Whatever the reason, moving a business can be very stressful and exhausting; so to ensure minimal disruption during the process, careful planning and preparation are key. Always keep every single detail on sight by delegating all the tasks appropriately. Then, make the right decision and put your trust in reliable experts who are willing to accompany you throughout the entire process, a job that Removalist Sydney knows what entails fully.

Here’s a guide that can make your office relocation hassle-free.

First Things First, Decide A Time Frame

The first thing you must do is to set the date of the move. Once you have a time frame in mind, planning the entire process can become easier for you.

Be clear about everything. The move may take upto a few days, depending upon the distance between the offices and the amount of stuff that has to be moved. Keep this in mind, and start working backward from the big day.

Break The News And Assign Tasks

It would be best if you let your employees know as soon as you decide on the moving date. Your employees will need some time to come to terms with the news and adapt to the changing situation.

Call for a meeting, and explain to your team the reason behind the move. Ask them to share their views/ opinions/ feelings about the same. Also, Set up a move committee and assign them tasks. Seek their help to make the transition smooth and hassle-free.

As the moving day comes near, you will have to make new additions to the task list, and your move committee can take over to help you stay right on schedule.

Inform Your Vendors

Change your information. Most people usually leave it for the last minute, but we would suggest you don’t do that.

Your new office must be set up before you start operating from there. So, let your vendors and service providers know about the move so that they can discontinue your current services, and set up the equipment at the new location.


Take the help of your office move committee to create a new office plan and layout. Start by measuring the entire office space and deciding what goes where. Create a list of furniture pieces you already have, place them in the layout, and then decide if you need new furniture items.

Pick color palletes; get everything painted before relocating. Additionally, employ the services of a professional cleaning company so that the office is spick, and span before the furniture and other appliances/ equipment are set up.

Draft a detailed moving day plan for your staff to follow.

Hire Packers 

You wouldn’t want to add another task on your list when there’s already so much on your plate. That said, if your budget allows, hire professional packers.

From furniture to appliances, they can pack everything for you. Call a reliable moving company, Fairfax, VA, and tell them by when do you want your stuff packed so that everything remains as planned.

Hire Movers 

Once the moving day arrives, ask the movers in Frederick, MD, to load your stuff into the moving pods.

Ensure that all equipment, computers, laptops, and phones are moved before the furniture items. Hand the detailed floor layout to the professionals so that they can make sure everything is right where it is supposed to be.

Settle In

Once the big move is over, it’s time to look after the final few things so that you and your employees can get started ASAP. Here are a few pointers that can help you settle in faster:

  • Make sure the floors, walls, windows, and parking lot is cleaned again after everything is set up in the office.
  • Update your address on your website.
  • Let your clients know about the move so that they know where to contact you.
  • Create passes, key cards, and keys for the new office space.
  • Pay the vendors, cleaning crew, and the moving company.
  • Plan a welcome party at your new office. Send out invites to the employees.
  • Have a final look at all the lists you created to ensure every column is ticked.

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