6 Tools You Can Use to Improve Time Management Skills

6 Tools You Can Use to Improve Time Management Skills

Time is a fixed resource, and there’s nothing we can do to change that. Every hour will have 60 minutes, every day 24 hours, every week 7 days, and so on. How you utilize those minutes, hours, and days is what matters. This becomes especially important when responsibilities, deadlines, and obligations start accumulating in the ever-closer future.

Being the tool-using creatures that we are, it makes sense to look into current software and apps for a solution. No less important are proper time-management techniques, but their effectiveness can vary depending on your circumstances. The right tools, on the other hand, will never fail to make an improvement. Here are your best options.


Independent contractors and business owners alike can benefit from Scoro’s tracking, billing, reporting, and project management features.

You can save time by automatically tracking billable hours and sending invoices accordingly. There are also numerous task and client management tools in addition to insightful reports that help you stay on top of budgets and sales. Scoro is also great for teams, with powerful collaboration features to ensure that everyone works together efficiently.

G Suite

It’s worth considering switching to Google’s full ecosystem, especially if you already use some of their services. G Suite includes Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Calendar, but with a range of business features to help you save time.

Everything synchronizes seamlessly with everything else and you can access the apps on any browser or mobile device. Plus, you can integrate with other tools to do things like move your online data to an offline spreadsheet and analyze how you’re spending your time.


Unlike most apps in this category, RescueTime runs quietly in the background, keeping track of how you delegate your tasks throughout the day.

Come the end of the week, you can view a report that reveals exactly where your hours went. Knowing that, you can use the app to create custom limits that prevent you from accessing certain sites. You can also set alerts to remind you when you’ve spent too much time on something. It’s compatible with both desktop and mobile devices.

To learn more, check out this tracking and measurement blog.


Here’s something a little simpler. Perhaps you find it easier to focus when a calming or soothing noise is playing in the background, be it wind, rain, a fan or the ocean.

Noisli, which you can download as an app or install as a Chrome extension, provides all of those ambient sounds in one place. You can even combine them to create your ideal environment for work, such as a rainy forest or windy seashore. As an added bonus, the app has a timer that you can use to schedule your own custom productivity sessions.


This mobile app allows you to create projects and then track them as you go. Whenever you start the timer, you feel more compelled to stick to the task and get it done faster than you did the day before. Boosted also provides analytics and insights into how you work, while the premium version features different timers.


A leader in its category, Asana combines all the key project management features into one powerful tool. On top of that, it has file storage and collaboration to further improve the way you spend your time.

Similar to Scoro, Asana is suitable for teams, with features such as the ability to break projects down into tasks and then assign them to individuals. You can also make road maps and timelines to get a clearer picture of your project. Milestones and progress tracking are available on its insightful dashboard, which has a simple, user-friendly layout.

These tools can take your time management skills to the next level. Just be sure to take a break every now and then.