5 Travel Tech Start-Ups to Watch in 2020

5 Travel Tech Start-Ups to Watch in 2020

With the increase in innovative ideas, start ups are blooming like fresh buds. Technology has given ease to do things that were supposed to be complicated earlier including travelling. Upcoming startups have completely revolutionized the way people travel. You can find businesses that provide luxury services on their website. Earlier travelling was a complicated process that needed lots of time and money, but with the new start-ups like Bus.com changing the face of travel all around the world.

Some of the start-ups that have caught our attention in recent years are as follows.


Ever wondered how you will manage a large trip with all your colleagues without losing communication and having to manage several vehicles at once? Bus.com has the right deal for you. They contract buses that are lying idle and provide you with tour and travel services that would help you get rid of any small trip without any difficulty. Not only have they won over many buyers with their easy-to-use system, they also have a flexible work ethic that makes your vehicle booking much easier.


Helping you find the quickest bus trip to your destination is busbud. Yes, with Uber and Ola offer you ways to book a ride to other cities, and many people prefer trains or planes for their long-range travels. However, busbud offers the cheaper option, one where there are buses which take the least amount of money for these travels. These make the cheapest travel options, and are often the only last minute trips available. Also, booking for anything on busbud is really easy, so, it’s no wonder they’re making a lot of noise in the travel start-up sector. Gone are the days of running away from home to a bus dept and asking for the ticket that goes farther, now, we do it in style!

Wheels Up

When WheelsUp made the deal to have some Delta flights onboard and to have private jets at your disposal, everyone was awestruck. Wheels Up is not the cheapest option available, but it’s definitely the most luxurious. So, unless you’re in one of the very few cities which has an Uber Helicopter system, WheelsUp is your chance to fly to your destination. With their flexible options for corporate buyers, WheelsUp is the go-to option for Fortune500 companies which do not want to invest on their private fleet, but wish to have jets on the beck and call too. Also, for the avid private flyer, WheelsUp offers an option to get a plane under 24 hours for every one of the 365 days in the year. With their ever growing fleet, this is one of the best things to happen to the travel industry.

Booking Kit

Wondering where to go with your new travel venture? Booking Kit has got you covered. The BookingKit website is made so that you can explore more options and get more customers for your new travel ventures. While they’re not a company that provides services directly to the consumers, they’re the ones that bring them all the new things to try. With various services using bookingkit to streamline their bookings and making sure that all their consumers get a taste of their services. Bookingkit is also very easy-to-use and made with the idea of consumers in mind, so, it’s a godsend for small tourist towns hosting new ventures.

Seat Frog

Did that tweet about the latest lady upgraded to first class make you jealous? Well, chances are she would have bid for it at Seat Frog. The idea is simple, there are some perks up for grabs, which you can bid for at a fraction of the price that the original perk comes at and you can get a chance to enjoy the perks. Whether it is a first class travel in a plane, or the special meal at your traveling train, Seat Frog is your answer to your woes about never being chosen.