5 Top SEO Tips for Start-ups

5 Top SEO Tips for Start-ups

Start-ups are the ‘new black’ in a fast-paced, innovation, and resourceful society. Each year more and more home-based offices, garages, and basements become the hub of a new disruption or a valuable service that grows from humble beginnings to a dynamic business.

Start-ups are not only competing with one another for investment or a share of the market, but they are also competing in cyberspace to become one of the billions of daily online searches. Mastering SEO can be overwhelming and seem complicated for small businesses. De-code SEO for your start-up with these practical steps.

Set your SEO Strategy

SEO is very important for your startup, Entrepreneurs and the founders of start-up businesses are often juggling and multi-tasking, especially in the earlier days. SEO may be one of the essential initial components of a successful business that’s overlooked.

Ensure that you have a solid SEO strategy in place as a foundation. Align it with your business goals, from where it will be easier to adjust, update, and maintain as your business grows.

Define your SEO goals, consider your resources, budget, business needs, and industry best practice from the onset. For starters, there are also several free SEO tools to assist with trials before you commit.

Localize Your SEO

It may seem like stating the obvious to ensure that your NAP – Name, Address, and Phone Number – are listed correctly across your website and social media platforms. Users are more likely to search for affordable SEO San Diego than a more general search for an affordable SEO service provider in their area.

A local focus will enable your business to pop up in a localized search for services in a specific location, or more significant geographical area and cut through the noise and attract the local market.

Video Vitals

Quality content and, in particular, quality video content is a crucial component of your overall SEO strategy. Creating videos does not mean big-budget productions; it translates to the quality of content that informs, solves pain points, or inspires.

Videos offer a solution to repurpose cornerstone content in one of the most engaging ways. Tell your story, do an interview, educate, or answer questions about your business to inspire your ideal target consumer.

Quality content and, in particular, quality video content is a crucial component of your overall SEO strategy

Image ALT tags

Consistently producing high, not only good quality content does not only refer to copy; it includes your pictures and videos. Image alt tags or ALT attributes refer to the copy used as alternative text to describe what is visible in the image.

Tagging images with ALT attributes provides context and contributes to SEO rankings. Relating the features in the image back to the relevance of the page and associating it with your website content.


Blogs form a pivotal part of your content plan and hosting a blog on your website contributes to your SEO rankings. Quality is again, essential over quantity. Your objective should be to produce a few consistent and high-quality blogs as ‘content capital’ rather than a library of content for the sake of it.

Create a content hub with resources that users will want to return to and stick to it. It’s not about volume but instead being aligned with a niche demand, in line with your overall business strategy.

Blogs form a pivotal part of your content plan and hosting a blog on your website contributes to your SEO rankings

Be Wise, Be Patient

SEO is not something mastered swiftly, and you should be wary of anyone that offers a quick-fix. It’s a long term ongoing process of trying, testing, and analyzing. While you may not see results in the first month, the ideal would be to review your SEO tactics every month to form part of a quarterly review.

Don’t be too hasty to implement too many changes in the first few months. The importance here is not the speed, rather the foundation and building blocks optimization.

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