5 Newest Plumbing technology for 2022

The plumbing industry is always advancing, and in the past few years, new technology has started to make its way into our homes. Here are five of the newest technologies that your plumber will be using around 2022.


#1 – Slime Tubing

Slime tubing is flexible tubing that can seal leaks in water lines even underwater! It is made of, you guessed it, slime. It is an improvement on the older method of using rubber gaskets sealed to metal pipes with screws. Slime tubing also does not need air to make it work, which makes it useful in areas that are constantly submerged in either water or mud.

#2 – Robo-Scrubber Toilet Brush

A toilet brush that is able to move and scrub so you don’t have to? Who wouldn’t want it? This Robo-scrubber comes with a sensor that detects dirt. Once the Robo-scrubber senses any, it turns on and starts moving in a circular motion to clean the whole toilet bowl. The best part is it dries itself, so you don’t have to clean the brush after every use.

#3 – Pest Repellers

No more bug sprays or traps! The pest repeller emits a frequency that bugs do not like and will stay away from. This device runs on electricity so no need for batteries. Just plug it in and pests will stay away! This device is eco-friendly, which is why it’s becoming more popular in the plumbing industry.

#4 – Wi-Fi Water Leak Detector

This device connects to your home WiFi network so that you are able to find out if there are any water leaks in your house. You just have to attach the device to your facet and connect it to your smartphone. Once attached, you’re ready to go! If there is a water leak anywhere in the house, an alarm will sound on your phone notifying you.

#5 – Plunger with Rechargeable Battery

Instead of using the old plunger that has been around for over a century, the new plunger comes with a rechargeable battery. It is great for those who want to save their strength and not use as much force when plunging. The power of this device can unclog toilets in as fast as 30 seconds! Now that’s what you call high-tech!

How to find a Plumber?

Earlier you read about the five newest technologies that your plumber will be using around 2022. So how do you hire an experienced plumber? Here are some tips!

Look for reviews of plumbers in your area to see if they are qualified or not. You can find reviews online, at your local hardware store, or even by word-of-mouth.

Take a look at their website or social media page. Look for certifications to find out if they are experienced in the field your plumber will be working on. Don’t just take their word for it! If you’re not sure about hiring someone, call other plumbers that work in that area to get their opinion.

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