5 Marketing Tactics You Should Use to Promote Your Software

5 Marketing Tactics You Should Use to Promote Your Software
5 Marketing Tactics You Should Use to Promote Your Software

Are you an avid software developer looking to take your skills to the next level? Maybe you’ve already developed software that you’re trying to market? Software development is a skillful job, but when it comes to marketing, it’s a different job altogether. If you’re looking to promote your products so you can get the exposure you deserve, pay special attention to the below tactics that will help you do just that.

Use PPC Campaigns to Create Instant Awareness

By using Pay Per Click sites such as Google AdWords you’ll be able to create instant awareness of your new software. Search engine users research new products and software all the time and if you’ve paid for Google Advertisements, you’ll be up there with the rest of your competitors.

Use Software Download Sites to Get More Exposure

Research popular software download sites to see if there’s a site you can use to offer free trials of your software. If you can come up with a decent description of what your software can do for an individual or business, you’ll find that it gets downloaded hundreds of times. If your software is highly sought-after, you’ll find that people will unlock the full version by paying the fee. This may not get you more customers, as such, but it’s a fantastic way to create brand awareness.

Release a Free Copy of Your Software with Limited Features

Make sure you build a user-friendly site for advertising your software. In doing this, you can offer free trials of your software for a limited time with limited features. You can advertise your website via guest posting and social media to increase website traffic, which will increase downloads.

Get a Press Release Written and Market Like Crazy

Hire a quality writer to create a press release that can be posted on software news sites and random software-related blogs. This will likely hit thousands of readers from around the world, thus giving you more advertising. Press releases don’t have to be expensive and you can even get a new one written whenever you implement new features or updates.

Offer Discounts on Your Product to Get More Interest

A creative way to get more exposure is to offer large discounts on your software for a limited time. Usually, this gets instant interest as all consumers are looking for a discount whenever they can get their hands on one. Whether you’re trying to sell medical billing software or you’ve come up with unique software that can automate processes, any software with a discount is going to be software consumers are interested in.

Marketing a product is usually much easier because you can create videos showing consumers how it works, but marketing software can prove to be more difficult. By following the above tips, you’ll be able to market any software in such a way that it gets much more exposure. Once a piece of software is out there, you’ll find it much easier to promote more software developments in the future as you’ll have a customer base you can instantly advertise to.