4 Ways Remote Working Will Fast-Track Your Growth

Remote working has become the norm for all of us.

And in fact, given that many companies are seeing greater productivity since making the switch, it looks like it could become the default mode forever.

If this is our future, then it’s an opportunity for us to develop professionally and personally. With that in mind, here are four aspects of remote working that will fast-track your growth in and out of the (virtual) office.


Certain working restrictions in the office can really impede your ability to perform.

And to some extent, this is still true when working from home, particularly if you have at-home responsibilities like kids.

However, employers are becoming increasingly aware of the reality that the old 9-5 routine isn’t realistic for everyone.

Breaking away from the traditional structure of the day not only enables you to manage your work-life balance, but also allows you to choose times in the day when you know your capacity for focus is at its best.


Remote working is a skill that, once mastered, will open doors, and there’s no reason that can’t apply internationally. Applying for jobs abroad will not only broaden your prospects in terms of the job market but can also lead you to new personal opportunities.

For instance, Portugal has a Golden Visa which grants holders the right to work in the country with no commitment to live there full time, meaning you could apply for a remote position and divide your time between Portugal and your home country as you wish.

And why stop there? When it comes to travelling and working, Portugal’s EU membership also grants legal residents access to the Schengen states.

For those seeking their golden ticket, Property Lisbon can provide information on the Golden Visa in Portugal as well as eligible property listings.


The average employee loses around one and a half hours per day to social media – and that’s in the office.

And if you’re working from home, you need to learn to cut out all distractions – including kids, partners, pets and noisy neighbours, as well as the lure of the sofa and the TV.

This takes a high level of discipline, but will help you across all areas of your life, not just work. The ability to dedicate your attention to a project will improve your focus in all endeavours.


93% of communication is non-verbal.

This means that when you lose out on the usual interactions of the office environment, you need to find different ways to interact with your co-workers.

Those periodic Zoom calls will go some way to bridging the gap but bear in mind that when it comes to instant messages and emails, things can get completely misinterpreted, leading to any number of complications from slight misunderstanding to unintentionally causing serious offense!

Remote working will teach you to communicate efficiently with clarity and intent, especially when it comes to written communication – a significant skill in today’s climate.


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