4 Reasons Why Business Should Use a VPN

4 Reasons Why Business Should Use a VPN
4 Reasons Why Business Should Use a VPN

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) come with a wide range of features and advantages. They are often advertised as a way for regular users to stay more secure and access geo-restricted content, but VPNs can provide a wide range of benefits for businesses as well.

1 – Improved data security

Most business cybersecurity solutions focus on making sure that third parties can’t gain access to a company’s devices and data. But ensuring the security of a businesses’ web connection can be just as important. If a business connection is compromised, third parties may be able to track what sites workers of a company are accessing, and even intercept files as they are downloaded or uploaded.

VPNs can make that connection more secure in a variety of ways. One of them being that any VPN worth their salt will add a layer of cryptography to your connection, making your company’s web connection more secure.

Look for VPNs that use open-source encryption to secure their connection. The additional transparency that comes with an open-source solution makes it easier for third parties to verify that the encryption method is indeed robust and secure.

2 – Protection on the go

Remote work poses new security challenges. Workers will need access to their company files to work properly from their homes or during business trips, but it’s important to make sure they are using secure connections to prevent that remote access from compromising a company’s data.

VPNs allow employees to access the web through a secure connection from anywhere in the world, with any of their devices. This makes accessing company files from a home connection or a public Wi-Fi much safer.

3 – Bypass geo-restrictions

Although it is not common, there are software solutions and web services that are geo-restricted for one reason or another. This generally isn’t a problem when a business’s entire team resides in the same country, but if a team member travels abroad or the team is made out of workers who live in different countries, these geo-restrictions can make collaboration harder.

The same principle applies when trying to share videos or other types of web content between members of an international team. You may find that the useful tutorial you found is restricted where a member of your team lives, which can create issues. VPNs solve all of these problems by allowing team members to bypass these restrictions with the click of a bottom.

4 – Run tests with different IPs

VPNs can make a variety of tasks related to web content a little easier. For example, a VPN allows you to test how smoothly your website can load when accessed from different countries, and see the site as a foreigner would. This can be useful if your team is trying to build different landing pages for customers from different countries.

The same principle applies when testing online ad campaigns, new applications, chatbots, and a variety of other web resources that might need to run smoothly across various platforms and when accessed from various areas of the world.