Hot Topic: Tech Companies Discuss Big Data & Machine Learning

Big Data, by definition is the term given for collections of data sets that are too large and complex for traditional hands-on data management and processing.  The term comes from the realm of information technology, but across an increasing number of fields, scientists are encountering situations that fit the category of Big Data. Machine learning has been gaining momentum in the area of big data research, representing one of the best methods to extract value from big data. Machine learning can handle the complexity of multiple different data sources, its vast volumes and variety of data types and deliver insights more efficiently compared to traditional data analysis.

With so much to make sense of, Data scientists from leading universities and companies, including Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Microsoft, will present cutting-edge research on large scale Machine Learning and its applications in the new age of Big Data. The full day lecture and networking event will be at the Hotel Nikko in San Francisco on July 1, 2013. The GraphLab Big Learning Workshop is a meeting place for both academia and industry to discuss upcoming challenges of large scale machine learning and solution methods. The main goal for this year’s workshop is to bring together top researchers from academia, as well as top data scientists from industry with the special focus of large scale machine learning on sparse graphs.  Prof. Vahab Mirrokni will be discussing clustering @ Google scale.

The event agenda includes presenters from Amazon, Berkeley, Facebook, Google, Microsoft Research, Stanford, Twitter, University of Washington, Walmart Labs and many more. A full list of presentations is available on the event site at

The Graphlab Workshop event is one of the largest Big Data events focusing on applied Big Data and Large Scale Machine Learning. The workshop combines leading academic research with real-world applications from the many of the world’s best technology companies. In addition to a full day of lectures and interactive poster sessions with leading data science research, the workshop includes a 2-hour networking event with food and beer sponsored by Yelp.

The workshop is co-produced by the Graphlab Project ( and Sessions Events LLC, producer of geekSessions and MLconf technical events. Tickets to last year’s event quickly sold out with a crowd of over 325 scientists, researchers and engineers in attendance. This year the event has expanded to accommodate over 500 attendees.

Introduction to Big Data/Machine Learning from Lars Marius Garshol