4 Cheap Investment Opportunities That Everybody Can Get In On

4 Cheap Investment Opportunities That Everybody Can Get In On

When somebody says investing, you’re probably thinking stocks and bonds, but that isn’t the only way to invest your money. In fact, it’s one of the highest risk investment strategies and it usually requires a fair amount of money. If you haven’t got that much cash, you might think that you’re not able to invest but that’s not true. You might be locked out of the high stakes investments on the stock market but there are plenty of other ways to go. These are the best investment opportunities for people with very little money.


Cryptocurrency is the biggest investment trend right now and it seems like everybody is getting in on it. That’s because it’s so much more accessible to people that don’t have in-depth knowledge of investing and you can put in as much or as little as you want to. Bitcoin was the first big cryptocurrency but new ones are emerging all the time. Just be aware that it’s a pretty volatile market that is prone to rapid change. That means you could stand to make a lot of money from a small initial investment but you could also lose your money quite quickly. You’ve also got to be careful where you’re buying your cryptocurrency because there are some scam sites that are just aiming to take your money. In addition, when it comes to choosing crypto exchange platforms, safety should be your top priority. Platforms that carry insurance against hacking and work in accordance with EU licenses are better options for crypto newbies. An easy-to-use exchange interface, a variety of altcoin choices, and clear fee structures are other important elements you should look for before setting up your crypto exchange account.


Trading traditional stocks can get pretty expensive but you can still get involved in those markets with a small amount of cash if you trade CFDs on the CMC Markets instead. A CFD (contract for difference) is different to standard stock trading because instead of buying the stock itself, you bet on the value of that stock. You only have to put in a fraction of the cost of the actual stock so you can invest with a far smaller amount of money.


Betterment is an investment platform that is incredibly popular at the moment because you don’t need to have any prior knowledge and you can put in a tiny amount of cash. The minimum investment that you have to put in is $10 and they will handle your investment for you. You start by filling out a short questionnaire about your aims and they’ll do the rest for you. Their fees are only 0.25 percent regardless of how much you’re putting in which is incredibly reasonable. This is the perfect choice for people that want to invest money but don’t know too much about the markets.

Low Investment Mutual Funds

Spreading your investments out is the best way to keep yourself safe, that’s why mutual funds are so great. You make one payment in and then investors spread the money out for you. A lot of mutual funds have a fairly high minimum but there are some out there that will let you invest with as little as $100 as long as you can put it in every single month.a

Investing isn’t just for people that can afford to put thousands in each month. Even if you’ve only got a little bit of extra cash, you can still invest it and make it grow.

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