Big Data Startups get chance to shine at StampedeCon

StampedeCon is a national Big Data conference series hosted in St. Louis, MO. Providing education for both novice IT professionals and Big Data veterans is what the remit of StampedeCon is all about. This affordable event aims to connect those who are interested in better understanding and leveraging Big Data and discussing what’s next for this emerging field. Whether your focus in the healthcare, defense, biomedicine, social media, retail or other industries, StampedeCon helps you harness the power of Big Data. StampedeCon 2013, announces a Big Data startup lightning round to complement the business-focused enterprise presentations at the conference on July 30, 2013.

The lightning round will provide Big Data startups the opportunity to share their technology with attendees, peers, partners and enterprises while also demonstrating some of the latest developments in Big Data technology. 

“Inviting these entrepreneurs helps reach StampedeCon’s goal of connecting experts who are interested in leveraging Big Data and discussing what’s next in this developing field,” said Gary Stiehr, founder of StampedeCon. “These entrepreneurs have the knowledge, energy and flexibility to create technologies that leverage Big Data and we are excited to have them share that experience with our attendees.”

Each startup will be allowed 5 minutes to explain what their technology does.

It is safe to assume that the conference will bring some of the industry’s most advanced use cases together demonstrating the impact of Big Data and providing in-depth analysis of tools.

“Big Data is growing exponentially. Understanding how to control the amount of data available and create a strategy to leverage it is vital to today’s workplace”

“Big Data is growing exponentially. Understanding how to control the amount of data available and create a strategy to leverage it is vital to today’s workplace,” said Gary Stiehr, StampedeCon organizer. “Companies without an understanding of Big Data are at a severe disadvantage in today’s marketplace. StampedeCon’s goal is to provide that knowledge to everyone.”

StampedeCon’s agenda includes a range of speakers from companies such as Walmart, Oracle, Sears and Riot Games. The agenda includes twelve speakers and a panel discussion, with the following agenda highlights:

Big Data at Riot Games: Using Hadoop to Understand Player Experience

 Jerome Boulon, Riot Games
Riot Games sought to understand and improve the player experience for its 32 million users. Boulon will review the challenges they faced creating a Big Data infrastructure that delivers the ability to provide continued insight.

Five Trends in Analytics… How to Take Advantage Today
John Lucker, Deloitte Consulting
Lucker will discuss the latest advancements in the world of analytics and offer strategies for tapping into their potential. The topic areas include visualization and design, mobile analytics and strategy analytics.


From Smart Buildings to Smart Cities: An Industry in the Midst of Big Data

 Paul Doherty, President and CEO of the digit group, inc.
As our world emerges as large, urban environments, built environment and IT professionals are challenged with integrating a building’s Digital DNA into the urban fabric of Smart City initiatives. This creates opportunities for Cloud­based and mobile analysis and management that can lead to better design, performance, service and sustainability.

Aside from the 2-day conference, StampedeCon has also partnered with Big Data organizations, Cloudera and Inferology, to provide training. On July 29th, Inferology is offering a pre-conference course on NoSQL databases. On August 1st, Cloudera is offering post-conference workshops on Hadoop, Hive and Pig.

StampedeCon sponsors currently include IBM, MapR, Oracle, Cloudera, EMC Isilon, XIOLINK, Daugherty, Washington University’s Center for the Application of Information Technology (CAIT), Hortonworks, Skytree, Inferology and Datanami.

To learn more about StampedeCon, visit and connect with StampedeCon on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter.