15 Key Intelligent Marketing Metrics You Should be Watching

Marketing is a sophisticated game. And it is a game about Data. It’s all about data and transforming this data into actionable insights. But this is a tricky and difficult task. With the fast moving landscape of digital with its disruptive DNA one needs substantial work and set key metrics and keep watching.

Marketing is digital and a moving target. Even offline marketing is now under surveillance and rightly being measured and of course, to be successful, it needs insights about the right numbers, data, audience. Marketing is about clear goals setting and advanced effectiveness. One business needs to target the right channels and move according to teh right business goals and objectives. Moreover managing expectations and the sales through the leads pipeline.

One pitfall for the overall process of marketing is that it could be that data is so overwhelming and developments go so fast that only do the basics, traffic and of course the holy graal of the leads. But there’s much more to the marketing game and necessary key metrics to get the most out of an organisation unique and normally scarce resources and process.

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Hubspot the holistic marketing research groundbreaking organisation compiled recently a great list of 15 key marketing metrics, that opens some great overview and solutions, divided up to in 4 categories. Rebecca Corliss posted the research in an interesting fashion that went through the following highlights:

Goal Setting and Progress Tracking 

  • 1) Leads Waterfall
  • 2) Traffic Waterfall
  • 3) Average Lead Close Rate
  • 4) Average Leads Per Business Day Month Over Month Growth

Channel Effectiveness 

  • 5) Month-to-Date (MTD) Goal Per Channel
  • 6) Close Rate Per Channel
  • 7) Paid vs. Organic Lead Percentage

Content Effectiveness 

  • 8) Leads Generated Per Offer
  • 9) Landing Page New Contacts Rate
  • 10) Call-to-Action Clickthrough Rate
  • 11) Traffic-Driving Keywords

Marketing Qualified Leads 

  • 12) Total MQLs Per Month
  • 13) MQLs Per Channel
  • 14) Percent Leads That Are MQLs
  • 15) MQL Conversion Rate Per Offer

Read the explanation and elaboration on this marketing metrics on the original report Hubspot 15 Marketing Key Marketing.

Great tips in the Goal setting and progress tracking category. Have a look at the waterfall system. That is a critical element to bear in mind.

The most interesting are the channel effectiveness metrics and Marketing Qualified Leads. Marketers need to figure out which channel is producing the most and best qualified leads. That also forces you as a marketer to not fall in the trap to think channel-centric, but start from a business point of perspective.

Think about the business objective, your value proposition and target audience and ultimately where the target audiences can be found (channel-wise).