How to Write in the Cryptocurrency Industry

How to Write in the Cryptocurrency Industry
How to Write in the Cryptocurrency Industry

The wild west that is the Cryptocurrency industry moves at a lightning-quick pace. Every week incredible innovations, scams, fraud and theft on an unbelievable scale happens. For a writer, it is one of the most untapped sources of material on the planet. Due to the nature of the industry and the technical know-how needed to write accurately about Crypto and Blockchain, most writers don’t have the knowledge, or the guts to try. 

Writing in this space is both extremely hard and rewarding. If you are thinking about entering the world of Cryptocurrency journalism, I applaud you. There aren’t many of us, but we are a tight-knit community. That is why I am creating this article, to give you some pointers to help you start out. Starting with the cardinal law, run your articles through a plagiarism tool. Copied content is completely taboo in this space, we work hard to create our articles – don’t bother trying to steal them.

So, what skills do you need to succeed in this rapidly changing space?

Firstly, you should have at least an intermediate level of knowledge on how blockchain works. You should be able to digest information quickly and process it, as well as a genuine interest in the crypto world. Without these, succeeding here is going to be very difficult. 

Another important skill to have, one that will help you advance a lot faster, is professionalism. Cryptocurrency is very similar to finance, you are talking about money on an enormous scale here. Due to the history of the space, people are very skeptical. Being able to write in a way that wins people’s trust, will gain you a reputation that will bring lots of opportunities to your door.

What do you do as a writer for the Crypto industry?

This question has many answers. Depending on your client, your roles could range from writing reviews, or blog posts. You could be writing articles on a particular tech, or on the industry itself. If you are particularly skilled and knowledgeable, you may be asked to help write a whitepaper from scratch or to help edit one. Other work that I have done, albeit a lot less often are things like writing legal contracts, agreements and translations. 

What hours do you need to spend writing in the Crypto Industry?

My working hours are from 7:30 in the morning until 10:00 at night. As we are digital workers, we do not need to be physically present in the office. This means that most of my correspondence with clients happens sporadically during the day. I speak to clients in a number of ways, although if you are trying to break into this scene, I would suggest familiarizing yourself with Telegram.

My actual writing hours vary, but you have to be able to commit as many hours as it takes. You need to be able to cancel plans at the drop of a hat if a big story appears, which it often does when you are talking about Cryptocurrency.

I hope you have an idea of what it is like to write in the Crypto and Blockchain industry now. I hope I have inspired some fresh blood. With breaking news stories happening constantly, this is a writer’s paradise, you just have to want it!

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